“Stinkerbell’s Near-Perfect Week Gets Her the Week 2 MVP Award!”

Week 2 MVP Award Winner –
Stinkerbell (38 Points)

Club members who follow Club Chat were treated to some Football Club drama this past week.  As posted on Club Chat, it was revealed that Stinkerbell had a Perfect Week going into the Monday Night game.  She had already picked 15/15 games correct and had scored 38/38 Points.  In order to finish off a historic 4th Perfect Week in club history, all she needed to do was watch the Saints beat the Raiders.  And that was what all the “experts” were expecting to happen.  To top things off, if she got the Over/Under correct with her pick of under, she would reach 42 Points for the week which would tie the Hall of Fame record for Most Points Scored in a Week (accomplished by Captain Jack Sparrow in the 2006 season.)  As stated on the All-Time Records part of the site: “The three most prestigious records in the club are the Perfect Week, Highest Score in a Week, and Most MVP Awards in a Season.”  And Stinkerbell was looking to add her name to 2 of those 3 prestigious records.  However, the Raiders stunned the Saints in the game and the total went Over, thus she was thwarted from both potential achievements.  However, she can still hold her fairy wings high because she soared above the rest of the club to score 38 Points and win the Week 2 MVP Award.  It was a truly outstanding week and we would all like to congratulate Stinkerbell on doing so well.  After struggling a bit last year in her sophomore season, she is back to making outstanding picks once again.  Our Week 2 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Mr. T: Social Distancing From Winning and Just for the Halibut J-Bird (full names for both).  Mr. T scored 36 Points and was 1 of 3 brilliant club members who correctly picked LV over NO, with the other two being Badwater Nessie and The Cat.  Speaking of that game, freespirit sent me a text before kickoff saying that she had been “thinking about taking a risk” and sticking with her favorite team LV.  However, she decided against it, reasoning that “it would be a serious upset for LV to win.  I’ll stick with NO.”  I guess that’s a lesson for all of us that sometimes we need to go with our gut and if we are feeling that an upset could happen, maybe we should take a risk once in a while.  Halibut J-Bird has now established himself solidly as a serious contender this season, making dominant picks in the first two weeks.  Our current Top Five in the club after the first two weeks are #1 Nighthawk (66 Points), #2 Halibut J-Bird (3 Points back), #3 Slick Chick (8 Points back), #4 Mr. T (11 Points back), and #5 Stinkerbell (13 Points back).  In order for the rest of the club to have a shot to catch up in the next week or two, they are going to have to hope that the red-hot Nighthawk cools off a bit and stops averaging a stunning 33 Points per week.  But with 11 club members scoring 30 Points or more last week, it shows that most everyone is picking very well and off to a strong start this season.

Head to Head Weekly and Pro Bowl Team Weekly started up once again last week.  In Head to Head play, keep in mind that all divisions were rearranged in alphabetical order in order to give everyone a fresh start and to try to even things out.  The biggest showdown last week took place between new Division Two rivals Halibut J-Bird and our defending 2019 Super Bowl Champ Hoosier Daddy.  Halibut J-Bird defeated Hoosier Daddy 36-32 and thus ended his 8-game winning streak dating back to last season.  It was sad to see that winning streak snapped but winning 8 straight Head to Head matches is quite an accomplishment when you think about all the strong competition in the club these days.  This week’s featured Head to Head match has to be Slick Chick vs. Stinkerbell.  That should be a great match. Over in Pro Bowl team play, defending 2019 Champs The Supernovas got off to a strong start as they look to defend their title.  The 2-time team champions knocked off Wild Animals by a score of 97-78.  This week’s featured Pro Bowl team match looks to be Daddy & His Boys vs. Wild Animals.  That will be a great showdown between two outstanding legendary teams.