“Double-Double Orders Up the Week 3 MVP Award!”

Week 3 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (37 Points)

Double-Double took out his frustration with not being able to come to California this year and eat at In-N-Out by driving thru the competition and winning the Week 3 MVP Award.  Double-Double, of course, is no stranger to success and having huge weeks in the club.  He was our Club Champion two seasons ago in 2018 and also back in 2005.  And last season, he battled for the club title right down to the final week.  In Week 3, Double-Double scored an astonishing 37 Points on a very tough week in which several veteran club members had low scores of 12 Points, 9 Points, and 0 Points.  Double-Double got all three Point Spread games correct, both Games of the Week, the Sunday night game, and the Monday night game.  In so doing, he climbed all the way up from 13th Place to 4th Place.  If he keeps on making such strong picks, he could prove to be unstoppable.  The Week 3 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Mr. T: Social Distancing From Winning.  Mr. T took off his mask and scored 33 Points on the week, being the only other player besides Double-Double to break the 30 Point barrier.  The big news for Mr. T is that this has propelled him into 1st Place in the standings.  Mr. T is our current top player and is now starting to set his sights on the club championship trophy.  I took a look back through the archives, and it appears that this is the first time in his long distinguished career as a club member that Mr. T has reached 1st Place.  Well done, Mr. T, it’s good to see you at the top.  The rest of the Top Five currently consists of 2nd Place – Nighthawk (2 Points back), 3rd Place – Slick Chick (4 Points back), and tied for 4th Place – Double Double & Halibut J-Bird (7 Points back).  On the flip side of things, the dreaded bottom five currently consists of Low Fat Tuna, Captain Insano, The Cat, MJD Hogg, and Badwater Nessie.  But all of these players should take heart and not lose hope, as it is still very early in the season and 1-2 good weeks can put you right back in the mix.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, the showdown of the week took place between Slick Chick and Stinkerbell, which are two of our best players.  In the end, Slick Chick def. Stinkerbell 26-24, winning by a mere safety.  This week, I can’t help but take note of the match featuring Double-Double vs. Halibut J-Bird.  Both of these players are tied for 4th Place with each having 81 Points.  Which player will have the stronger week out of these two lifelong friends and pick up the divisional victory?  We will see.  Something interesting happened in Pro Bowl Team Weekly last week.  All of the teams who lost in Week 2 came back and won in Week 3.  Thus, all six teams are currently 1-1 and tied for 1st Place.  The only relatively close match was For the Win def. McTriple Play 78-66, winning by a 12 point margin.  For the Win is serving notice that the addition of The Sad Salmon has made them a tough team to beat.