“The Cat Claws His Way to the Week 5 MVP Award!”

Week 5 MVP Award Winner –
The Cat (25 Points)

The Cat recently returned to the U.S. after spending about 4 years serving where the need is greater in Ecuador.  Upon arriving back home, he quickly got to work doing letter-writing to keep busy in the ministry.  He also stepped up and once again employed his special picking strategy for NFL games.  And it paid off big time last week, as it got him 25 Points and the Week 5 MVP Award.  The Cat rebounded from a disastrous pick of Atlanta with TJ by making an absolutely brilliant pick of Ten over Buf in the second Game of the Week to score 5 Points.  In fact, The Cat was the only player in the entire club to get that game right.  The Cat is now looking to build on his momentum and pounce up the standings hopefully into the Top Ten soon.  Well done, Cat, and welcome back from Ecuador.  The Week 5 MVP Award Runner-Up went to none other than Mr. T: Social Distancing From Winning.  Mr. T continues to impress by making great picks week after week.  He is currently tied for 2nd Place (along with former Terra Linda buddy Double-Double), with both of them sitting a mere 1 Point behind current Top Player Nighthawk.  Mr. T had a strong 23 Point week and is taking no pity on the fools (the rest of the club behind him).  In 4th Place is our star rookie player The Sad Salmon.  The Sad Salmon has stunned the club with his ability to make outstanding upset picks that nobody else sees coming.  Two weeks ago, he did it by being the only player in the entire club to correctly pick Phil over SF.  He followed that up last week by being the only player in the entire club to correctly pick the Triple Crown of Arz-LAR-Mia and score the huge 7 Point haul.  It seems that The Sad Salmon figured out long before the rest of us did that SF is not as good as they were last year.  Currently in 5th Place is Halibut J-Bird.  It seems like the two fishes (Halibut & Salmon) will be locked in a season-long struggle for stream supremacy, as only 2 Points currently separates them.  Triple Jeopardy finally did some damage last week, as 6 club members took -2 Points from their final score when they wrongly picked Atl with TJ.  Triple Jeopardy is very costly when you get it wrong, so be careful with that pick.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, our current division leaders are: Bob Swerski & Captain Insano (both 3-1), freespirit (3-1), Mr. T (3-0-1), and Rad Dad & The Rickster (both 3-1).  And with that, Mr. T is our only remaining undefeated player after the first four games of the Head to Head season.  This week, we will see if he can make it halfway through and remain undefeated.  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, McTriple Play have clearly established themselves as the team to beat, posting a 3-1 record to start the team season and holding 1st Place all by themselves.  Just behind them, four other teams are tied with a record of 2-2.