“The Rickster Returns to the Spotlight With the Week 8 MVP Award!”

Week 8 MVP Award Winner –
The Rickster (26 Points)

The Rickster scored 26 Points to become the 9th different player through the first 8 weeks of the season to win the club’s prestigious MVP Award.  As the only 3-time Club Champion (2001, 2004 & 2006), The Rickster is in a class all by himself.  But being that his last title came 14 years ago (which included a 6 year club break), The Rickster has been hoping to add another trophy to his case.  With his breakout performance last week, The Rickster has now established himself as a potential contender for the 2020 title.  He currently stands exactly 30 Points out of 1st Place with 9 weeks left in the season.  That is not insurmountable, but in order to make a serious run, he will need to have a couple more MVP caliber weeks (and perhaps another one of his famous Perfect Weeks).  The Rickster was 1 of only 4 players last week to get both Games of the Week correct with Pit and Sea.  The other players to do so were Nighthawk, Bob Swerski, and Slick Chick.  The Week 8 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Drummer Boy & Nighthawk, who both scored 24 Points.  Drummer Boy continues to climb the standings (he is now up to 10th Place) while Nighthawk continues to solidify his grip on the top of the charts (he returns to 1st Place with a 1 Point lead).  The Current Top 5 consists of #1 Nighthawk, #2 Slick Chick (1 Point back), #3 Halibut J-Bird (8 Points back), #4 Stinkerbell (10 Points behind her son), and #5 Mr. T: SDFW (13 Points back).  For those of us farther down the standings, Double-Double gave some good advice out.  He said to focus on trying to reach the Top Five, not trying to reach 1st Place.  For me personally, I’m 29 Points out of 1st Place, but only 16 Points out of 5th Place.  So that is a good suggestion, not just for me, but for all us lower down in the standings.

Moving on to Head to Head Weekly, I can’t help but continue to be impressed by defending Super Bowl Champion Hoosier Daddy’s huge turnaround.  Back when he started out 0-4 on the season, panic may have been setting in.  But suddenly Hoosier Daddy has reeled off 3 straight wins to improve to 3-4.  This week he faces off against The Cat with a chance to improve to .500.  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, 2 of the 3 matches last week were very competitive.  In one match, Daddy & His Boys def. For the Win 63-62 to improve to 4-3 with a narrow 1 Point victory.  Who says the Over/Under doesn’t matter and make a difference?  In another match, Wild Animals tied McTriple Play 58-58 to result in our first tie team match of the season.  This tie damaged McTriple Play’s place in the standings, as it knocked them down to 2nd Place where they now stand 1/2 game behind league leaders The Supernovas (5-2).