“Wild Animals Teammates The Cat & The Rickster Share the Week 10 MVP Award!”

Week 10 MVP Award Winners –
The Cat & The Rickster (27 Points)


The Cat and The Rickster, two long-time teammates on Pro Bowl superpower team Wild Animals, each scored 27 Points last week to win a share of the Week 10 MVP Award.  Each player has now won 2 MVP Awards on the season and thus we finally have repeat winners for the first time this year.  Both players got both Games of the Week correct with Arizona and LA Rams.  But beyond that, they took vastly different paths to reach 27 Points.  The Cat claimed the challenging Triple Crown of Cle-Det-NYG (along with Slick Chick, freespirit, and Badwater Nessie) to secure 7 Points.  He also was the only player in the entire club to correctly pick NE over Baltimore on Sunday night, which brought him 3 Points.  That was quite a gutsy pick, Cat.  Meanwhile, The Rickster claimed the Double Stakes of TB-LV (along with 13 other club members) to get 4 Points.  He also got all three Point Spread games correct with Jax, Pit, and NO.  But The Rickster’s best decision was making a last second switch from Chicago over to Minnesota just before kickoff of the Monday night game.  Usually, last second switches backfire and result in a loss of Points.  But not this time.  Both players climbed the standings this week, with The Rickster moving up to 8th Place and The Cat moving up to 15th Place.  Let’s see if they can keep the momentum going.  Should one of them claim their 3rd MVP this week, Slick Chick is going to start getting nervous as she guards her all-time record of 5 MVPs in a season. The Week 10 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Badwater Nessie, who had a very strong week with 26 Points.  The only thing which cost him the MVP was taking LAC with TJ and losing -2 Points from his final score (along with 3 other players who made the same costly mistake).  But keep up the great job in making picks, Nessie.  In looking at the current Top Five, we do have some big news.  For the first time since Week 15 of the 2018 season, Stinkerbell has taken over the top spot in 1st Place.  Congratulations, Stinkerbell!  We are all so happy for you (well, most of us at least).  She currently has a 3 Point lead over #2 player Nighthawk.  Stinkerbell would love nothing better than to erase the bad feeling of losing the 2018 Club Championship at the very end of the season.  She has now taken an important step toward doing that and let’s see if she can build upon her lead this week.  But the rest of the Top Five might have something to say about that.  Behind #1 Stinkerbell and #2 Nighthawk, we have #3 Slick Chick (4 Points back), #4 The Sad Salmon (5 Points back), and #5 Halibut J-Bird (6 Points back).  As you can see, the race for #1 is extremely close.  In fact, the top seven players are only separated by 10 Points.

Moving over to Head to Head Weekly, we have reached the final week of the regular season of play.  Next week, the always entertaining Super Bowl Tournament will get underway.  But before that, we have a spectacular finish to our regular season.  Nearly every match this week will have huge implications on the tournament.  For starters, we have two division titles up for grabs.  We have Captain Insano vs. Drummer Boy (for the Division 1 title).  And we have freespirit vs. Halibut J-Bird (for the Division 2 title).  I cannot wait to see who wins those two matches.  In addition, the top seed in Conference Two is on the line with Low Fat Tuna vs. The Rickster.  These two players have both clinched their division titles but now they must have a showdown for the #1 seed which will be a rematch of the 2010 & 2005 Super Bowl finals (both won by The Rickster).  Could this be a preview of the conference final down the line?  We will see.  There are several other very interesting matches which you can read about on the Head to Head Weekly page.  In two of the matches, teammates are forced to battle against each other with huge implications at stake depending on who wins.  We have The Cat vs. Double-Double (for a bye week to avoid playing in the 1st Round).  And we have The Sad Salmon vs. Slick Chick (for a 2nd Place finish in Division 4).  Next moving on to Pro Bowl Team Weekly, we have now moved into the final 2 weeks of the regular season of play.  So do your best to help get your team into one of the top two spots in order to earn a bye week.