“Bob Swerski Wins the Week 11 MVP Award for the Super Fans!”

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
Bob Swerski (26 Points)

Bob Swerski stepped up from a large table covered with plates of chicken wings (as seen in the SNL skit) in order to score 26 Points and claim the Week 11 MVP Award.  Bob thus became the 11th different player through the first 11 weeks to win the MVP.  Along with correctly picking Washington with TJ and all three Point Spread games, Bob’s most brilliant pick was LA Rams on Monday night.  He was 1 of only 2 players (with the other being Badwater Nessie) to pick LA Rams and get the 6 Point prize.  This helped Bob advance up the standings from 13th to 11th Place.  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up was Hoosier Daddy, who scored 22 Points.  Hoosier’s most outstanding pick was claiming the extremely difficult Triple Crown of Ten-Cle-Hou to become the only player in the club to get that 7 Points.  This helped Hoosier to leap back up the standings into 5th Place.  These two players also happened to be playing against each other in Head to Head last week, which resulted in Bob Swerski claiming a 26-22 victory over Hoosier Daddy.  Taking a look at the Top Five, we started to see a little bit of separation this week for the first time this season.  Stinkerbell held onto 1st Place for her 2nd week at #1.  Following behind her are #2 Slick Chick (6 Points back), #3 Mr. T: SDFW (9 Points back), #4 Papa Nighthawk (11 Points back), and #5 Hoosier Daddy (13 Points back).  Players who are outside of the Top Five (and especially those who are outside of the Top Ten) really need to step up this week and deliver some good picks to stay with the pack.  Up above, you may have noticed I slightly altered Nighthawk’s name to read Papa Nighthawk.  Some male club members in the past have altered their usual names to signify that they became new parents.  Some examples of this have been Papa Rickster, Papa J-Bird, and Papa Tuna.  In keeping with this, Papa Nighthawk does indeed have some amazing news as he and his wife had a brand new baby girl last weekend.  Speaking for the entire club, we all congratulate Papa Nighthawk and Mrs. Nighthawk, along with Bob Swerski and Stinkerbell on this happy news in welcoming Baby Hazel!  On a similar note, many of you know Hall of Fame club member Brother Prince (a.k.a. my brother Lowell Hall).  He and his wife had a baby boy yesterday named Leon.  Baby Leon was delivered quite early at 24 weeks and 1 day due to complications, and thus there are some serious health risks that have us in the family very worried and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Getting back to football matters, let’s take a look at the results from the final week of play in Head to Head Weekly.  There were some epic showdowns and when the dust finally settled, the final seedings for the 2020 Super Bowl Tournament were locked in.  The four division winners were Captain Insano (5-3-2), freespirit (7-3), Low Fat Tuna (6-4), and The Rickster (8-2).  The two #1 seeds in the tournament thus will be (1) freespirit and (1) The Rickster.  Unfortunately, four players will have to battle it out this week in the dreaded First Round, while all of the other players get a bye week from Head to Head competition (but not from turning in their picks).  The two First Round showdowns this week will be (9) Badwater Nessie (3-7) at (8) Double-Double (3-7) and (9) Stinkerbell (3-7) at (8) Rad Dad (4-6).  In looking at these matches, I couldn’t help but laugh at what an anomaly the Head to Head competition is in comparison to the Points Standings.  The best Points player in the league Stinkerbell also happens to be tied as the worst Head to Head player.  That makes absolutely no sense logically, but it proves to be true year after year for different players.  You can be great in one competition, but terrible in the other.  But that’s also nice for those of us who are starting to fall way behind in the Points standings.  We all still have a shot to win the Head to Head Super Bowl title.  One club member who is far down the Points standings e-mailed last week and called this the “lost season” for him.  But not in Head to Head.  He has a great record and legitimate shot at winning this competition.  So best wishes everyone on a great Super Bowl Tournament and we will all be watching to see if Hoosier Daddy can successfully defend his title from last season.  Be sure to check out the Head to Head Weekly Final Standings Page and 2020 Super Bowl Tournament Page (just posted today).