“Bob Swerski & Hoosier Daddy Share the Week 12 MVP Award!”

Week 12 MVP Award Winners –
Bob Swerski & Hoosier Daddy (24 Points)


Bob Swerski and Hoosier Daddy both scored 24 Points last week to share the Week 12 MVP Award.  For Bob Swerski, this means he has won back-to-back MVP Awards, a very rare feat in the club these days when you are competing against 17 very skilled other players.  In a span of only 2 weeks, Bob has jumped up the standings from 13th to 11th to 9th Place.  And he now sits only 12 Points from reaching the Top Five.  For Hoosier Daddy, securing his second MVP Award in the past 4 weeks helped propel him up into 4th Place, which is a new peak position for him this season.  Hoosier Daddy is a mere 8 Points out of 1st Place and he currently has the momentum of a freight train barreling down the tracks.  Both players took similar paths to securing their MVPs, starting out with scoring all 5 possible Points for the Regular Games by picking Wash with TJ and getting the other 2 correct.  The only other player in the club to do this was Slick Chick.  Meanwhile, 9 club members picked Dallas with TJ and started their weeks off on a very bad note.  Being that both Bob Swerski & Hoosier Daddy took home 2 MVP Awards during the month of November, they were named co-winners of the November Player of the Month Award.  Both Games of the Week defied the experts predictions and that resulted in some very low scores this week.  Only 2 club members correctly picked NE over Arz — Badwater Nessie & The Cat.  And only 5 correctly picked Ten over Indy — Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy, freespirit, Bob Swerski & The Sad Salmon.  Also, The Cat was the only player to get the Triple Crown of Min-Atl-Buf and the 7 Points that goes along with that.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 Stinkerbell, #2 Slick Chick (6 Points back), #3 Mr. T: SDFW (7 Points back), #4 Hoosier Daddy (8 Points back), and #5 Nighthawk (9 Points back).  In looking down the rest of the standings, I would say that any player currently in the top eleven spots still has a legitimate shot at winning the club title.  Beyond that, the rest of us can just hope to reach the Top Five at best.  Before we move on, the club would like to extend its well wishes to freespirit, who is currently battling COVID.  freespirit, we all hope you get well soon and we are sorry to hear that this terrible illness has struck you.  Hang in there and don’t let COVID cloud your ability to make great picks.

The Super Bowl Tournament got underway last week with two First Round matches.  In the first match, (8) Double-Double def. (9) Badwater Nessie by a score of 18-7 to advance.  In the second match, (9) Stinkerbell def. (8) Rad Dad by a final of 19-17 in a very close contest to eliminate the Rad one.  That means that Double-Double & Stinkerbell both move on to the Wild Card Round.  But it doesn’t get any easier for them, as they will each have to face the top seeds in their respective conferences.  In the Wild Card Round this week, there are some great showdowns happening.

In Conference One, (8) Double-Double (4-7) at (1) freespirit (7-3) pits the Division Two winner against the player who finished at the bottom of the division.  (7) The Cat (4-6) at (2) Captain Insano (5-3-2) will force Captain Insano to deal with The Cat’s consistent use of his secret picking strategy which has been employed many times this season.  (6) Hoosier Daddy (4-6) at (3) Halibut J-Bird (6-4) will be an instant classic as these two great friends and former Novato neighbors go Head to Head while Hoosier begins his title defense.  (5) Drummer Boy (4-4-2) at (4) Bob Swerski (5-5) will be a very closely contested battle as Drummer Boy looks to make another run to the Super Bowl final as he did last season.

In Conference Two, (9) Stinkerbell (4-7) at (1) The Rickster (8-2) appears to be a mismatch due to The Rickster’s best-in-the-league record, past Super Bowl wins, and top seeding in the conference.  But Stinkerbell is the #1 player in the club and that almost evens this match out to a pick-em.  (7) MJD Hogg (4-5-1) at (2) Low Fat Tuna (6-4) is a rematch of last season’s Wild Card round match when (7) MJD Hogg def. (2) Fearless Tuna 24-19.  Same seedings, same round, same match… but will it be the same result?  (6) The Sad Salmon (5-5) at (3) Slick Chick (6-4) forces these two teammates on For the Win to go Head to Head against each other for the second time this season.  Back in their Week 11 match, Slick Chick def. The Sad Salmon 16-6.  What will happen this time when elimination is on the line?  (5) Nighthawk (5-5) at (4) Mr. T: SDFW (5-4-1) is also going to be a rematch.  Back in Week 2, Mr. T: SDFW def. Nighthawk 36-34.  This match will likely be just as close.

Pro Bowl Team Weekly concludes this week with three matches.  Next week, the Pro Bowl Tournament will begin.  In a rematch of last season’s Pro Bowl Final, The Supernovas and Daddy & His Boys will be battling it out this week for the #2 seed and a bye week in the tournament.  Which team will emerge victorious and gain the week of rest along with locked-in #1 seed McTriple Play?