“Badwater Nessie Surfaces Again to Claim the Week 14 MVP!”

Week 14 MVP Award Winner –
Badwater Nessie (27 Points)

Badwater Nessie has been swimming near the bottom of the lake most of the season when it comes to the standings.  But he has one very strong claim to fame that is only shared by 3 other players in the club – he has now won 2 MVP Awards on the season.  So that puts him in elite company.  There are still 6 of us, including myself, who have not won any MVP Awards on the season.  Badwater Nessie accomplished this by scoring 27 Points last week to capture the Week 14 MVP Award.  His most brilliant pick was LAC with TJ, as he was 1 of only 2 players in the entire club to do this and get the 3 Points (the other was The Cat).  Badwater Nessie also got all 3 Point Spread games, 1 Game of the Week, and both the Sunday and Monday night games correct.  It was an excellent week for the rarely-sighted monster of the deep.  The Week 14 MVP Award Runner-Up went to none other than The Rickster.  The Rickster scored 22 Points to continue his late-season surge.  He always makes his best picks when he is in the Super Bowl Tournament, and this week was no exception.  The Rickster now has climbed all the way into a tie for 3rd Place in the Points Standings, standing a mere 13 Points out of 1st Place.  With 3 weeks left in the season, the Top Five currently consists of #1 Mr. T: SDFW, #2 Halibut J-Bird (9 Points back), #3 Nighthawk & The Rickster (13 Points back), and #5 Hoosier Daddy (14 Points back).  Meanwhile, the next 5 players are all within 10 Points striking distance of reaching the Top Five.

The Divisional Round of the Super Bowl Tournament took place last week, and that means four matches were played.  In the first match, (5) Drummer Boy def. (1) freespirit 9-6 in a defensive struggle.  It is rare to be able to advance in the tournament when you only score 9 Points, but Drummer Boy beat the odds and finds himself in the Conference finals once again.  In the second match, (3) Halibut J-Bird def. (2) Captain Insano 16-9 by a touchdown to advance to a showdown with Drummer Boy this week.  It should be a great match-up as Drummer Boy seeks revenge in behalf of his Daddy & His Boys teammate Hoosier Daddy, who was beat earlier in the tournament by J-Bird.  In the third match, (1) The Rickster def. (6) The Sad Salmon 22-20 in a very close match that went down to the wire.  It is interesting that The Sad Salmon had the second highest score of anyone left in the tournament, yet he just happened to be matched up against the first highest scorer and lost.  In the fourth and final match, (2) Low Fat Tuna def. (4) Mr. T: SDFW 19-18.  It was an epic match that shows the unpredictable aspect of the tournament when the 11th best player in the league can beat the 1st best player and advance.  Back in Week 11 when The Rickster and Low Fat Tuna did battle for the #1 seed in Conference Two, I wrote this: “Could this be a preview of the conference final down the line?  We will see.”  And that’s exactly what ended up happening.  In that match, The Rickster def. Low Fat Tuna 12-10 to squeak by.  This match will likely be just as close.

The First Round of the Pro Bowl Tournament took place last week with two matches played.  Neither match was that close, as (6) Wild Animals def. (3) Daddy & His Boys 60-38 and (4) The Gridiron Guardians def. (5) For the Win 58-44.  Let’s see what happens in the Final Four matches this week as the top two seeds get involved in playing.