Welcome Back Club Members

Hello everyone and welcome to The Football Club 2021: Twentieth Year Final Edition.  Because this might be the final edition of the club, we are going with that tagline.  Club membership has been locked in for this season with 18 members, which is the perfect number to keep play even in the Head to Head and Pro Bowl Team competitions.  Halibut J-Bird has decided not to play this season.  So taking his place will be brand new rookie player The Icelandic Cod.  The Icelandic Cod (real name Eydis) is married to The Sad Salmon.  And as her name suggests, she originates from Iceland.  Having spent a fair amount of time in Iceland myself over the course of three lifetime trips, I’m happy to welcome her to the club.  (Although might The Icelandic Puffin have been a cooler name?  Just kidding about that, but I am partial to Icelandic puffins since they are such awesome seabirds.)  Speaking of the Arctic region, I did just return from an epic backpacking adventure on Baffin Island in Arctic Canada.  If anyone would like to watch a trailer showing 2 minutes of my video footage, click here.  Getting back to football, the only big difference this season is there are now 18 weeks instead of 17.  So that will make the season one week longer for all of us.  Because of this, there is an extra week available for Head to Head and Pro Bowl Team play.  One idea I had was to make both the Super Bowl final and Pro Bowl team final 2 weeks long.  Meaning the first half of the game would be played in Week 16 and the second half of the game would be played in Week 17.  I think that would make for an interesting change and result in those championship matches being even more exciting.  Let me know if you like or dislike that idea.  The Week One picks sheet is now posted here on the site.  Below, here is a list of everyone playing this season.


    • Bob Swerski (James McGrath)
    • Captain Insano (Brian Olson)
    • Captain Jack Sparrow (Rich Contreras)
    • The Cat (Gary Kennedy)
    • Drummer Boy (Joe Diorio)
    • Double-Double (Dave Pariani)
    • Fearless Tuna (Steve Hall)
    • freespirit (Debie)
    • Hoosier Daddy (Billy Dougan)
    • The Icelandic Cod (Eydis Kitchel)
    • MJD Hogg (Matt Dougan)
    • Mr. T (Joe Turfa) defending club champion
    • New York City Sewer Rat (Jordan Jarak)
    • Nighthawk (Brandon McGrath)
    • Rad Dad (Mike Calles)
    • The Rickster (Rick Lachmiller)
    • The Sad Salmon (Tyler Kitchel)
    • Slick Chick (Marsha Ziff)
    • Stinkerbell (Julie McGrath)