“MJD Hogg goes hog wild to score 38 Points and win the Week 2 MVP Award!”

Week 2 MVP Award Winner –
MJD Hogg (38 Points)

Returning to 1st Place for the first time since Week 1 of the 2019 season, MJD Hogg went hog wild to score 38 Points and nearly post a Perfect Week.  MJD Hogg got every game and category correct with the exception of the Double Stakes.  The only game he ended up getting wrong was Seattle, which must have been frustrating because he had even correctly picked the upset of Carolina over NO (also part of the Double Stakes).  In addition, MJD Hogg and The Cat were the only 2 players in the entire club to correctly pick Baltimore over KC in the Sunday night 6 Point game.  MJD’s huge week has propelled him to the top of the Current Standings with a 2 Point lead over 2nd Place player and teammate Drummer Boy.  Drummer Boy also had an excellent week, scoring 32 Points to win the Week 2 MVP Award Runner-Up.  Drummer was no doubt shocked (as were most of us) to see Kansas City lose the Sunday night game and thus reduce his final score from 38 Points down to 32 Points.  Speaking of great scores last week, the third highest score in the club came from Hoosier Daddy, the other member of Daddy & His Boys.  Hoosier Daddy scored 29 Points.  At a press conference at the end of Week 1 (during which he struggled), Hoosier Daddy proclaimed: “This is comforting… I can only go up from here!”  And that’s exactly what he did, moving up 7 places in the standings in a single week.  One of the interesting aspects of the club is that we get to look in on a couple of husband-wife battles in the standings, which allows for good-natured bragging rights at home.  In the husband-wife battles, Bob Swerski currently leads Stinkerbell 43-42 and The Icelandic Cod currently leads The Sad Salmon 39-38.  At her press conference, The Icelandic Cod stated: “Hopefully I win this week so I can keep teasing my husband haha.”  It should be interesting to keep an eye on both couples to see how they do throughout the season in these friendly battles.  Also of note, rounding out the Top Five this week are #3 freespirit (6 Points back), #4 Fearless Tuna (7 Points back), and #5 Captain Insano (10 Points back).  There is usually not 10 Points of separation between #1 and #5 this early in the season, so that is surprising to see.

Head to Head Weekly and Pro Bowl Team Weekly got underway last week, and we had some interesting results in both.  The biggest match took place between The Rickster and Captain Jack Sparrow, with The Rickster narrowly winning by a safety 24-22.  This means that The Rickster has now reached a 10-game winning streak in the club.  This is under consideration as a Hall of Fame worthy record.  Let’s see if The Rickster can keep the streak alive and reach 11 games.  Standing in his way this week is Division Four rival The Sad Salmon.  This is a rematch of the Divisional Round of last season’s Super Bowl Tournament, which The Rickster won 22-20.  As for Pro Bowl Team Weekly, defending champions The Gridiron Guardians are off to a rough start.  They got dismantled by Daddy & His Boys, losing 99-72 by a total of 27 Points.  When you play against a team with the three highest scores of the week, there is absolutely no chance of beating them.  The other two matches were much closer, with The Polar Bears def. McTriple Play 69-67 and Wild Animals def. Tough Puffins 63-62.