“Bob Swerski impresses with 28 Points to win the Week 3 MVP Award!”

Week 3 MVP Award Winner –
Bob Swerski (28 Points)

That’s right. Da question is: Which quarterback will lead Da Bears, and make them superior to all teams? In the meantime, let me show you how Chicago sports should be represented by reaching Da top of the club.”- Bob Swerski at the end of Week 3.  On a difficult week that was low-scoring for most club members, Bob Swerski stepped up to post 28 Points and win the Week 3 MVP Award.  One of the keys to his success was being 1 of only 3 club members to correctly pick GB over SF on Sunday night (with the others being The Sad Salmon & Hoosier Daddy).  The huge week has propelled Bob Swerski all the way up the Current Standings into a tie for 1st Place (along with Drummer Boy).  Bob Swerski & Drummer Boy currently hold a 5 Point lead in 1st Place, which is surprising this early in the season.  Drummer Boy has certainly had an impressive start to the season, despite selling his drum set last season and being without it.  I thought he was going to change his name to Drumless Boy, but I guess he decided not to.  The Week 3 MVP Award Runner-Up went to brilliant picker The Sad Salmon.  The Sad Salmon did something that usually backfires and causes players to lose Points – he decided to change one of his picks on short notice.  After turning in his pick of SF and thinking about it all week, he e-mailed club headquarters on Saturday afternoon and asked: “Is there anyway I could change one of my picks? Have a change of heart. I’ll have Green Bay beating the 49ers.”  This change was just the boost he needed in order to have a great week.  Rounding out the Top Five this week, MJD Hogg is now in 3rd Place (5 Points back) and Fearless Tuna & Freespirit are tied for 4th Place (7 Points back).  But everyone in the Top Ten is only 5 Points or less behind them.  So the Current Standings remain wide open right now.  Any player who can win an MVP Award will likely catapult to the top.  The club also wants to give a shoutout to Slick Chick and The Icelandic Cod this week, who are both attending Pioneer School.  We all wish them both an enjoyable week full of great spiritual blessings.  Don’t forget to stop by Club Chat and say hello to Slick Chick and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Finally, in taking a look at Triple Jeopardy this season, it is evident that most of the club is really struggling.  The club is a combined 9-14 at picking Triple Jeopardy.  That means that a total of 28 Points have been thrown away and lost (with a net loss of 10 Points).  So be careful if/when selecting TJ, everyone.

In Head to Head Weekly, The Rickster had his 10-game winning streak snapped in dramatic fashion by Division Four rival The Sad Salmon.  Despite having the 3rd highest score last week and picking both Games of the Week correct with LAR and Min, The Rickster fell 3 Points short of keeping his streak alive, losing to The Sad Salmon 23-21.  Even so, that was a tremendous accomplishment I’m not sure if the club has ever seen before.  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, Wild Animals stand out as the only undefeated team left after 2 games.  Wild Animals are now 2-0 after def. The Polar Bears 49-42.