“MJD Hogg Cruises Ahead to Claim the Week 6 MVP Award!”

Week 6 MVP Award Winner –
MJD Hogg (33 Points)

MJD Hogg is determined to be an impact player this season and compete for the club title.  Last week, he loaded up his white Cadillac DeVille with great picks.  And he polished the bull horns on the front of his car by picking all the games in the major categories correct (with the Double Stakes, both Games of the Week, Sunday night, and Triple Crown).  As a result, he cruised past the competition while leaving everyone in the dust as he scored 33 Points to win the Week 6 MVP Award.  MJD Hogg has now jumped back into 2nd Place and idles only 6 Points out of 1st Place.  And he has already won 2 of the 6 MVP Awards available so far this season.  Slick Chick will no doubt take notice of this and start to worry about her Hall of Fame club record 5 MVP Awards in a Season, which she accomplished in the 2010 season.  The Week 6 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Tahoe drought expert Mr. T, who scored 29 Points and now sits only 1 Point away from getting into the Top Five.  With the rainy weather this week, Mr. T can take a break from analyzing current water levels and focus on making great picks for a third consecutive week. As our defending Club Champion, Mr. T had been quiet for the first 4 weeks of the season, but he has jumped from 16th to 6th in a span of only 2 weeks.  Now that is a player who means business.  I also wanted to give a shoutout to Hoosier Daddy, who scored 25 Points this week.  Hoosier Daddy was the only player in the entire club to correctly pick LV Raiders with Triple Jeopardy.  Meanwhile, 11 players picked Denver with TJ and lost -2 Points from their final score.  Triple Jeopardy resulted in a net loss of 20 total Points from club scores this week.  That is quite shocking to say the least.  Our current Top Five consists of #1 Drummer Boy, #2 MJD Hogg (6 Points back), #3 The Rickster (9 Points back), #4 Bob Swerski (13 Points back), and #5 NYC Sewer Rat (15 Points back).  Finally, be sure to check out Head to Head Weekly and Pro Bowl Team Weekly to see how you and your team did last week.  Drummer Boy (5-0) and Wild Animals (5-0) continue to dominate in those club competitions.  But not far behind are The Rickster (4-1) and Tough Puffins (2-2-1), which are the second best player and team after five weeks of play.