“Fearless Tuna & Rad Dad Share the Week 7 MVP Award with 23 Points!”

Week 7 MVP Award Winners –
Fearless Tuna & Rad Dad (23 Points)


On a very challenging week to make good picks, Fearless Tuna and Rad Dad led the pack (or school of fish) by each scoring 23 Points to share the Week 7 MVP Award.  For Fearless Tuna, this was his first MVP Award since Week 11 of his 2019 championship season. Fearless Tuna had warned everyone on Club Chat last week: “Hey everyone watch out as Tuna is going to escape from the StarKist cannery and start making good picks again soon.”  And sure enough, after a strong current of bad picks pushed him out of the Top Five last week and into the nets of his opponents, he escaped the cannery and is once again swimming upstream.  For Rad Dad, he ended last season strong by winning 2 of the last 3 MVP Awards.  But then he started this season by struggling a bit, hovering mostly outside of the Top Ten.  But with this MVP Award, he now sits a mere 2 Points away from getting into the Top Five for the first time this season.  Fearless Tuna & Rad Dad were 2 of 6 people who wisely picked Indy over SF on Sunday night, with the others being Mr. T., The Rickster, Bob Swerski & Nighthawk.  The Week 7 MVP Award Runner-Up was Captain Insano, who scored 22 Points.  Captain Insano was 1 of only 3 players who correctly picked the Triple Crown of GB-NYG-TB, with the others being New York City Sewer Rat & Captain Jack Sparrow.  Captain Insano needed the extra Points to help overcome his shocking 0-6 record at picking Triple Jeopardy games this season.  A quick look at the standings reveals that if Captain Insano had not selected TJ at all this season, he would have an additional 12 Points and currently be in 2nd Place instead of 10th Place.  That shows the devastating effect that missing TJ can have on placement in the standings.  Even so, I’m sure the good Captain will start to turn the tide and get some of those TJ games correct soon.  A quick look at the highest-ranked 12 players in the club reveals something very interesting.  While there is a 9 Point gap between #1 and #2 in the standings, there is only a 10 Point gap between #2 and #12 in the standings.  In looking at the current Top Five, #1 player Drummer Boy has struggled a bit over the last 2 weeks.  But it hasn’t mattered, as he has extended his lead in 1st Place to a season-high 9 Points.  That’s a nice cushion to have, but he will need to recapture his early-season fire in making good picks again soon to stay on top.  #2 The Rickster also struggled a bit last week, which has allowed other players to close the gap for 2nd Place.  #3 Mr. T has finally found his form, as he continues climbing the charts and reminding everyone why he is our defending champion.  Tied for #4 are Fearless Tuna and New York City Sewer Rat.  New York City Sewer Rat is in pioneer school in New York this week, so we all send along our best wishes.  And we hope that real sewer rats do not get into his house and eat his pioneer school cupcakes baked and donated by the friends.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, Drummer Boy was shocked by Nighthawk 19-15 and lost his first game of the season.  And the schedule does not get any easier for Drummer Boy, as he has a showdown this week against dangerous player Double-Double.  Nighthawk has been a bit quiet this season as he is busy caring for Baby Hazel, but he is happy to pick up his first Head to Head win of the season.  And in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, Wild Animals continue to dominate the club as they reached 6-0.  This time, they crushed Tough Puffins by a score of 51-29.  Hopefully Tough Puffins can get their feathers back soon and take flight once again.  Wild Animals have a showdown this week with #2 team The Polar Bears, who are already 3 games behind them in the standings.  This is a must-win game for The Polar Bears if they want any chance at the top seed.