“Double-Double Grills Up the Week 11 MVP Award with 34 Points!”

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (34 Points)

Living in Omaha, Nebraska for the past 17 years, one of the things that Double-Double has missed the most is In-N-Out Burger.  On average, he only gets to enjoy a meal once or twice a year there while on vacation with Mrs. Double.  However, one thing that Double-Double has not missed out since his move is making great picks.  It was only after moving to Omaha (and supporting Big Red along with the locals) that Double-Double won his Club Championships in 2005 and 2018.  Being that Double-Double has won 2 of the last 11 titles, he is now looking to make it 3 out of 12.  He took a huge step towards doing so last week when he scored 34 Points to win the Week 11 MVP Award.  Double-Double has now returned to his peak position of #3 and stands only 10 Points out of 1st Place.  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up was MJD Hogg, who had only 1 Point less with 33 Points.  With that, MJD moved back up to 6th Place and stands only 5 Points away from getting back into the prestigious Top Five.  Both Double-Double and MJD Hogg wisely avoided selecting Triple Jeopardy and losing -2 Points.  They were the exception, as 11 of the other 17 players picked Carolina with TJ and suffered a huge step back in the standings.  Only Captain Jack Sparrow was smart enough to select Washington with TJ and take home the 2 bonus Points.  The entire club is now a dismal 47-77 in picking TJ this season.  That is a combined net loss of -60 Points for club members.  In fact, you might be shocked to learn that Captain Jack Sparrow is the only player in the entire club who has a winning record in picking TJ games this season.  A quick look at the Top Five shows Drummer Boy still holding strong in 1st Place.  However, his hold on the top spot is loosening.  If you take a look toward the bottom of the Current Standings Page under 2021 First Place in the Standings, you will notice something concerning to Drummer Boy.  From Weeks 6-9, Drummer Boy increased his lead at #1 from 6 Points to 11 Points.  But from Weeks 9-11, he has been trending in the wrong direction, as his lead has shrunk from 11 to 6 to 5 Points.  This trend is not sustainable to hold onto 1st Place for much longer, so it will be interesting to see how Drummer Boy handles this added pressure.  Of course, most of the pressure is coming from #2 player Stinkerbell, who continues to make great picks week after week.  With the birth of her and Bob’s 3rd grandchild happening shortly, the (wonderful) distraction could lead to having a bad week in the club.  We hope not, but we will see what happens.  Behind #1 Drummer Boy, #2 Stinkerbell, and #3 Double-Double, we have tied for #4 The Rickster & Captain Insano (both 15 Points back).

We have reached the final week of Head to Head Weekly.  In the past, we always had 10 game regular seasons in Head to Head.  However, with the addition of an extra week in the NFL season, we now have an 11 game regular season.  And that means a huge opportunity has come up for Drummer Boy to obtain a Hall of Fame record.  The current record for Best Head to Head Regular Season Record is 9 wins and 1 loss (shared by 3 players).  Drummer Boy has matched that as he now has 9 wins and 1 loss.  But if he wins this week, and it won’t be easy as he is matched up with a great opponent (The Sad Salmon), Drummer Boy can establish a new Hall of Fame record with 10 wins and 1 loss.  In addition, there are three division titles on the line.  We have Double-Double vs. freespirit (for Division Two title), The Icelandic Cod vs. Mr. T (for Division Three title), and Rad Dad vs. The Rickster (for Division Four title).  In Pro Bowl Team Weekly, there are still 3 games left.  However, Wild Animals, previously the class of the league, are in a complete tail spin.  Despite teammate Double-Double winning the MVP Award, Wild Animals only managed to tie McTriple Play 72-72 last week.   It probably didn’t help the team when The Cat employed his secret picking strategy for the first time this season, with disastrous results.