“Nighthawk Rises Up to Win the Week 12 MVP Award!”

Week 12 MVP Award Winner –
Nighthawk (25 Points)

2008 Club Champion Nighthawk has been steadily rising back to championship form over the past four seasons.  In 2018, he finished in 13th Place.  In 2019, he improved to a 8th Place finish.  Then last year in 2020, he finished in 3rd Place, only 14 Points away from winning his second title.  In the first half of this season, Nighthawk found himself struggling a bit.  But he stepped up last week in a huge way and scored 25 Points to win the Week 12 MVP Award.  The key to Nighthawk’s success was being the only club member to correctly pick the difficult Triple Crown of TB-NYG-SF and claim the 7 Points.  We can expect to see him flying up the standings once again and making a push for the Top Five over the final 6 weeks of the season.  As far as what has been going on in his life, Nighthawk mentioned that Baby Hazel just turned one year old and that he has also been keeping busy with family, work, and spiritual activities.  Keep up the great work, Nighthawk, and it is always a joy to have you in the club.  The Week 12 MVP Award Runner-Up was shared by The Sad Salmon & The Cat, who both scored 23 Points.  The Sad Salmon had a November to remember.  He won 2 MVP Awards and 1 MVP Award Runner-Up.  And he ended the month by entering the Top Five for the first time this season, now swimming only 17 Points away from the top spot.  In view of this, The Sad Salmon has been named the club’s November Player of the Month Award winner.  The Cat rebounded nicely from a dismal Week 11 where he had employed his secret picking strategy and things turned out badly.  Last week, he went back to making regular picks and the result was an absolutely huge week.  Well done, The Cat.  That was quite an impressive turnaround and return to form.

Head to Head Weekly wrapped up last week with some interesting results.  The Sad Salmon def. Drummer Boy 23-17 to end Drummer’s bid for an 11-win season.  But Drummer Boy still claimed the #1 seed in Conference One.  In Division Two, Double-Double def. freespirit 20-18 to get revenge for being eliminated 24-18 in the Wild Card Round of the Super Bowl Tournament one year ago.  In Division Three rookie player The Icelandic Cod def. Mr. T 22-20 to shock him and win the division title.  And finally, in Division Four The Rickster def. Rad Dad 13-8 in a defensive struggle to win yet another division title and claim the #1 seed in Conference Two.  That makes 4 straight division titles for defending Super Bowl Champion The Rickster.  Does anyone really think that he’s not going to make it to another Super Bowl final?  I don’t think any of the experts would pick against him.  The Super Bowl Tournament gets underway with two First Round matches this week.  The First Round is dreaded by many players because it means either a quick elimination or a match against the #1 seed the following week as a reward for surviving.  Neither option sounds very good.  The two First Round matches are (9) Hoosier Daddy (3-8) at (8) Fearless Tuna (3-6-2) and (9) Slick Chick (2-7-2) at (8) New York City Sewer Rat (3-7-1).  Waiting in the wings for the winners are #1 seeds Drummer Boy and The Rickster.  It would be interesting to see Hoosier Daddy win that first match (over me) and be forced to battle against Drummer Boy next week in the Wild Card Round.  Pro Bowl Team Weekly had some very unusual results last week, with all three matches decided by a combined total of 1 Point.  The results were The Gridiron Guardians ties Daddy & His Boys 46-46, The Polar Bears ties McTriple Play 47-47, and Tough Puffins def. Wild Animals 57-56.