“Captain Insano Is Peaking with the Week 15 MVP Award!”

Week 15 MVP Award Winner –
Captain Insano (31 Points)

Captain Insano is peaking at the right time as he scored 31 Points to win the Week 15 MVP Award.  The key to his success last week included getting both Games of the Week, all three Point Spread games, and being the only player in the entire club to correctly pick NO over TB on Sunday night.  Despite adding to his Triple Jeopardy woes with another loss of -2 Points (and a league worst 2-12 record), Captain Insano jumped into 3rd Place and is now only 5 Points out of reaching the top spot.  (Not to beat a dead horse, but if he had never selected Triple Jeopardy this season, he would currently have a 1st Place lead of 5 Points.)  We congratulate the Captain on showing no mercy to the rest of the club and continuing his climb up the standings.  The Week 15 MVP Award Runner-Up is shared by two other players in serious contention for the title: Stinkerbell & The Rickster, who both scored 28 Points.  Well done to both of you.  Now let’s take a quick look at the current Top Five.  We had a long-time coming changing of the guard in 1st Place this week.  The Sad Salmon finished off his remarkable run upstream to the top by finally taking over 1st Place by the slimmest of margins.  #1 The Sad Salmon now holds a 1 Point lead over #2 Drummer Boy.  What a great, exciting battle for 1st Place these two players are putting on for the rest of us!  Not to be outdone, #3 Captain Insano is 5 Points back, #4 Stinkerbell is 7 Points back, and #5 Double-Double is 14 Points back.  This is still anyone’s championship trophy to raise with 3 weeks left in the season.

The Super Bowl Tournament Conference Round is all set with two exciting matches to find out who reaches the Super Bowl final this season.  In the Divisional Round last week, 3 out of 4 of the matches resulted in upsets.  In the first match, (7) Captain Jack Sparrow stunned (1) Drummer Boy 20-19 by a single Point to advance.  Their match was actually a rematch of the 2007 Super Bowl final when Captain Jack def. Drummer Boy 16-10 to win the trophy.  In the second match, (5) Bob Swerski def. (3) freespirit 24-15 to advance.  Bob Swerski is looking to add a third trophy to his collection and remind everyone why he is the second best Head to Head player of all time.  It will be interesting to see who wins the showdown this week between (7) Captain Jack Sparrow and (5) Bob Swerski to advance to the title game as the representative of Conference One.  Moving on to the third match, (4) The Sad Salmon beat his teammate (9) Slick Chick 26-16 to reach his first lifetime Conference Round match.  This was a rematch of last year’s Wild Card Round when The Sad Salmon also won, but by a tighter margin of 16-12.  For the fourth and final match, (7) MJD Hogg def. (6) Nighthawk 25-4 in a blowout.  I’m starting to feel like MJD Hogg is the favorite to win this tournament as he has dominated both of his matches.  He won his first match by 15 Points and his second match by 21 Points.  If this trend continues, he will beat The Sad Salmon by 27 Points.  I’m just kidding about that because The Sad Salmon is actually the favorite as they square off this week, but you never know what might happen.  Head to Head play is unpredictable and anything can happen on any given week.  Only one of these two great players – The Sad Salmon or MJD Hogg can represent Conference Two in the title game.

The Pro Bowl Tournament got underway last week with the First Round.  And we had some completely unexpected results with two upsets taking place.  (6) The Polar Bears def. (3) McTriple Play 60-56 and (5) Tough Puffins def. (4) The Gridiron Guardians 66-49.  That means last season’s defending champions The Gridiron Guardians are eliminated and will not repeat as champions.  However, the only thing which the #5 and 6 seeds have achieved by winning is a date with the #1 and #2 seeds in the Final Four.  They are going to face some brutal competition against two teams vying to be known as the greatest Pro Bowl team of all time.  Will it be a short run through the tournament for (5) Tough Puffins and (6) The Polar Bears?  Or will we see a miracle run by one (or both of them) to the Pro Bowl final?  We will find out this week as the Final Four matches take place with (6) The Polar Bears at (1) Wild Animals and (5) Tough Puffins at (2) Daddy & His Boys.  In the second match, there is some extra incentive for each since The Sad Salmon and Drummer Boy are players on each.  It should make things interesting.