“Rad Dad Steps Up to Win the Week 17 MVP Award!”

Week 17 MVP Award Winner –
Rad Dad (28 Points)

Rad Dad made some tremendous picks last week including some key upsets which helped him win the Week 17 MVP Award with 28 Points.  Rad Dad’s biggest pick was the upset of Cin over KC in the Game of the Week, which got him 5 Points only collected by five other players (Nighthawk, NYC Sewer Rat, Mr. T, MJD Hogg & Slick Chick).  Rad Dad also correctly picked Pit over Cle on Monday night which was a game that ten club members got wrong.  But perhaps his best decision was avoiding Triple Jeopardy when he took Dallas in the Regular game.  Well done, Rad Dad.  We are all very happy to see you win your second MVP Award of the season.  The Week 17 MVP Award Runner-Up went to our defending Club Champion Mr. T who scored 26 Points. Although he has been mathematically eliminated from repeating as champion, Mr. T is finishing strong and looking to end inside the Top Ten.  After keeping the winner’s trophy in the neighborhood for the past two seasons (Mr. T and I both live just one block from each other), the trophy will be heading somewhere else soon (unless The Rickster can somehow pull off the greatest come from behind miracle of all time).  Who will end with the most Points and become the 2021 Club Champion in The Football Club?   We are all going to find out next week.  Realistically, there are only five players still in contention.  The Top Five heading into the final week are #1 Drummer Boy, #2 The Sad Salmon (9 Points back), #3 Captain Insano (14 Points back), and tied for #4 Double-Double & Stinkerbell (18 Points back). The winner will be revealed next week and will join the group in the graphic above (see previous post) as one of our five most recent champions. And more than likely, Triple (and Quadruple) Jeopardy will have a say in determining who wins.  Club members are an abysmal 65-130 at picking Triple Jeopardy this season.  That means that 2/3 of the times when Triple Jeopardy is selected, it ends up being picked wrong and a player loses -2 Points.  Enjoy the final week of this season, everyone.  I will have some information next week about the club possibly returning in a Limited Edition format next season.  The information below has been copied over from the Super Bowl Tournament and Pro Bowl Tournament pages.

Super Bowl XIX Match (Week 17):  (5) Bob Swerski def. (4) The Sad Salmon 11-9.  Three-time Super Bowl Champion – In a defensive struggle never before seen in a Super Bowl final, Bob Swerski emerged victorious by a final score of 11-9.  11 Points is the lowest score ever to win a title match, with the previous lowest being 16 Points in 2007.  Bob Swerki has now won Super Bowl Head to Head titles in three decades, having won in 2009, 2018, and now in 2021.  He now trails all-time Super Bowl wins leader The Rickster by only one title.  This match was actually decided by a penalty flag at the end of the game.  Which could very well be another first.  Both players happened to have very similar picks, having picked the same on the Games of the Week, Double Stakes, Sunday night, and Triple Crown.  For the Point Spread games, they had two differences, which they ended up splitting and each getting one right.  However, there was one very significant difference in their picks and that’s what decided the game.  For the Regular game with Triple Jeopardy option, Bob Swerski selected Dallas with no TJ, while The Sad Salmon selected Dallas with TJ.  So when Dallas lost, a penalty flag was thrown by the refs and -2 Points were taken away from The Sad Salmon’s final score.  Had he not selected Triple Jeopardy, the game would have ended in a tie and The Sad Salmon would have won the tiebreaker by virtue of being the higher seed.  It was a very costly choice indeed but that’s the risk that goes along with selecting Triple Jeopardy.  Bob Swerski’s path to his third lifetime Super Bowl title was not an easy one.  In the Head to Head regular season, he played subpar and ended with a losing record of 5 wins and 6 losses.  As the #5 seed  in Conference One, he wasn’t expected to advance very far.  But he captured momentum during the tournament and went on a run, capping things off by spearing the hottest player in the club The Sad Salmon.  Bob Swerski will now drive his boat straight across Lake Michigan into Burnham Harbor and get out at Solider Field to celebrate with a plate of Polish sausages, ribs, and beer.  Well done to both players on having an outstanding Head to Head season and congrats to Bob Swerski on winning the 2021 Super Bowl Championship!

Pro Bowl XVIII Match (Week 17):  (1) Wild Animals def. (2) Daddy & His Boys 61-54.  Four-time Pro Bowl Team Champs – Top-seeded Wild Animals have defeated second-seeded Daddy & His Boys by a final score of 61-54 to win their fourth team title.  This victory establishes Wild Animals as the greatest Pro Bowl team of all time in The Football Club as they have now won more team titles than anybody else.  The team trophies held high by Wild Animals span three decades with wins in 2005, 2011, 2018, and now in 2021.  Wild Animals established their 2021 dominance right at the beginning of the Pro Bowl Team Weekly regular season.  They started out the season by winning six consecutive matches to send a message to the entire club with a perfect 6-0 record.  Some wondered if they were going to break their own Hall of Fame record for the Longest Undefeated Team Streak (11 wins, 0 losses, 0 ties in 2005-6 seasons).  But midway through the season, they faltered and lost a few matches.  In fact, as the regular season closed out, they went 1-3-1 over the final 5 games, because team captain The Cat was distracted with moving into a new house.  The Cat wisely realized that he was being a detriment to his team’s success and thus he stepped aside and retired for the season.  This allowed Wild Animals to pick up free agent player freespirit and add her to the team.  freespirit had been the only player in the entire club who did not participate in Pro Bowl team play since we had one too many players participating this season.  So this free agent signing was a fitting way to end the season, allowing freespirit a chance to participate in team play and make a lasting impact that otherwise would not have happened.  In the Pro Bowl Championship match, Wild Animals combined to score 61 Points.  This included 25 Points by The Rickster, 23 Points by freespirit, and 13 Points by Double-Double.  On the other side, Daddy & His Boys combined to score 54 Points.  This included 20 Points by MJD Hogg, 17 Points by Hoosier Daddy, and 17 Points by Drummer Boy.  Both teams are to be commended for putting forth such a great match and for making the final as the top two seeds.  But the victory goes to Wild Animals, who won by a touchdown and are now officially our 2021 Pro Bowl Team Champions!