The Football Club 2022 Now Open

Hello club members,

Welcome to The Football Club 2022: 21st Year freespirit Tribute Edition.  The club is happy to be welcoming back 18 players for a fun season of friendly competition.  Last season, we had 20 players participating.  However, 18 is the ideal number of players to make sure everything is even in Pro Bowl Team and Head to Head play.  In response to the Roll Call e-mail, Slick Chick gave us the sad news that she would not be participating this season.  She will be missed and Club Chat will be a lot quieter no doubt in her absence.  Also, I had some personal heartbreak during the off season when (my mom) club member freespirit passed away.  She was actually the person who got me to agree to do this 21st season of the club.  So I’m moving forward with it in her honor, and that is why we are calling it the 21st Year freespirit Tribute Edition.  You might recall that back in 2007, club member Michelin Man had sadly passed away.  Thus we called that season the Eleventh Year Michelen Man Tribute Edition in his honor.

Moving on to the club for this season, everything is being kept pretty much the same.  The club seems to have been well refined over the years and is running very smoothly.  So there is no reason to make any unnecessary dramatic changes.  However, there are a few things to note about club members.  First, the club would like to welcome My Wife Loves Jimmy G for his first full season with us.  My Wife Loves Jimmy G did some practice picks during Week 18 of the 2021 season and had a strong week, scoring 18 Points while correctly picking the Triple Crown and 2 Games of the Week.  So he looks to be a force to be reckoned with as our newest rookie player.  Second, The Cat has announced his return but only in a limited fashion.  Due to lack of access to watch football games, he said he will likely only play for a short time.  That being the case, we will end up being one player short for Head to Head and Pro Bowl Team play.  So we will need to sign another player more than likely to fill that slot.  If nobody is available, I can check with Baby Tuna and see if he is interested.  Third and finally, defending Club Champion Drummer Boy is returning to try to become the first ever back-to-back champ.  At his first press conference of the season, Drummer Boy stated: “Not expecting to, but definitely gonna try to repeat.”  It will certainly be interesting to see if Drummer Boy can manage a Top Five debut after Week 1.  And with that, it is time to get started with the 2022 season.  The Week 1 Picks Sheet is now available and includes a must-pick game for this Thursday night.  So don’t forget to turn that pick in before kickoff.

Long-time club member freespirit and Baby Tuna pictured in 2021