“Shaylene plays a winning tune to claim the Week 2 MVP Award!”

Week 2 MVP Award Winner –
Shaylene (33 Points)

Veteran club member Shaylene, returning to the field for the first time since the 2011 season, posted some outstanding picks to score 33 Points and win the Week 2 MVP Award.  Some of her picks were tremendous on a very difficult week.  For instance, she was the only club member to correctly pick the impossible Double Stakes combination of Miami and Dallas.  Also, she was 1 of only 3 club members (along with Roadrunner & Drummer Boy) to correctly pick the Triple Crown combination of Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Denver.  She then topped it all off with selecting NY Giants with Triple Jeopardy to score 2 Bonus Points.  The huge week helped her move into 3rd Place, only 1 Point behind the current leaders.  The Week 2 MVP Award Runner-Up went to none other than Hoosier Daddy.  Hoosier Daddy stepped up big with 29 Points as he was 1 of only 4 players to get both Games of the Week correct.  This has bumped Hoosier Daddy up into 4th Place, just 2 Points behind Shaylene in the standings.  Previous #1 player The Sad Salmon had a rough week reporting from Iceland.  The cold weather there seems to have frozen his ability to make great picks.  I don’t think it matters to him since he got to enjoy watching that amazing Dolphins comeback.  But he’s probably not used to tying for the lowest score of the week (along with myself and a few others), so he will probably look to rebound next week with some great picks.  As it stands, he is still holding on in the Top Five in 5th Place (tied with Mr. T).  At 1st Place in the standings, we currently have a tie between 2021 Club Champion Drummer Boy and 2018 Club Champion Runner-Up Stinkerbell.  Drummer Boy had told the club before the season that he was “definitely gonna try to repeat” and he’s not wasting any time making good on that.  Stinkerbell was looking to get past Double-Double and she successfully did that (for now).  In doing so, she finds herself at the top of the standings being chased not just by Double-Double, but by 20 other players.  Finally, we would like to welcome Slick Chick back to the club.  She decided to unretire after Week 1 and join Young Tuna and the rest of the club members in playing, which made all of us very happy.  When a player joins later in the season, they start 1 Point behind the Last Place player in the Current Standings of the previous week.  So Slick Chick has her work cut out for her, but I’m sure she’s going to post some huge numbers going forward.  As far as Head to Head Weekly and Pro Bowl Team Weekly, I’m hoping to put that together later this week.  If I don’t end up having the time, then we would likely just do the Super Bowl Tournament and Pro Bowl Tournaments later in the season without a regular season of league play.