“NYC Sewer Rat climbs out of the muck to claim the Week 3 MVP Award!”

Week 3 MVP Award Winner –
New York City Sewer Rat (24 Points)

Our Week 3 MVP Award winner was New York City Sewer Rat, who scored 24 Points on a very difficult week.  It was a week of upsets where only 4 players managed to reach 20 Points.  NYC Sewer Rat did this by being the only player in the entire club to claim the Triple Crown combination of Tennessee, Baltimore & Carolina.  In addition, he was 1 of only 2 players to get both Games of the Week correct with Atlanta and Green Bay (with the other being Slick Chick).  His MVP week has propelled NYC Sewer Rat into the Top Five for the first time this season in 5th Place.  And one of his stats so far this season is quite impressive.  He has managed to pick 5 out of 6 Games of the Week correct through the first 3 weeks.  Let’s see if he can build on this momentum and move further up the standings after Week 4.  The MVP Award Runner-Up went to none other than beloved returning player Slick Chick.  The club was greatly saddened when Week 1 started and Slick Chick was not on the roster.  But she had a change of heart and decided to pull a Tom Brady and go ahead and play this season.  Perhaps starting one week late took the pressure off.  Or perhaps this could be a sign that she is going to be a serious contender this season.  Whatever the case, Slick Chick’s 21 Points was the second highest score for the week, and she is ready to make a run up the standings.  Honorable mention this week goes to The Rickster for making a couple of brilliant picks.  First, he was the only player in the entire club to correctly pick the Sunday night game of Denver over SF.  Second, he was 1 of only 7 players to correctly pick the Monday night game of Dallas over NY Giants.  Taking a look at the Top Five, Drummer Boy is sending a wave of fear throughout the club as he has solidified his hold on 1st Place with a 2 Point lead.  Club members are starting to have doubts and wonder if they are powerless to beat him.  2nd Place player Stinkerbell is trying her best to keep up with and overtake him.  And 3rd Place player The Sad Salmon steadied himself with a week of good picks to remain only 5 Points back.  The Sad Salmon had a major celebration last week when Miami pulled out the win over Buffalo.  However, he will not be happy with The Autopicker’s pick this week.  Rounding out the Top Five we have 4th Place Hoosier Daddy and 5th Place NYC Sewer Rat.  On another note, due to lack of time on my part, we won’t be doing Head to Head Weekly or Pro Bowl Team Weekly this season.  However, we will still be doing the two tournaments.  The Pro Bowl Tournament will begin in Week 10 and the Super Bowl Tournament will begin in Week 13.  Seedings for the Super Bowl Tournament will be based on the Current Standings chart.  The week before the Pro Bowl Tournament (during Week 9), we will be holding a special seeding draw.  All teams will be playing for seeding.  Whichever teams scores the highest combined score that week will be the #1 seed, while whichever teams scores the lowest total will be the #6 seed, and so on.  These adjustments will make managing the club much easier for me and less time consuming.