“Mr. T has no time for Jibba Jabba as he wins the Week 5 MVP Award!”

Week 5 MVP Award Winner –
Mr. T (33 Points)

2020 Club Champion Mr. T stepped back into the spotlight this week by showing no mercy in claiming the Week 5 MVP Award with 33 Points.  After failing to win any MVP Awards all of last season, Mr. T showed that he has no more time for Jibba Jabba (one of his famous sayings).  Mr. T had absolutely brilliant picks last week, claiming both Games of the Week, the Double Stakes, Triple Jeopardy, and the Sunday night game.  Despite not getting the Triple Crown, he also correctly picked the upset of NY Jets over Miami, which resulted in a moral victory.  With this huge week, Mr. T muscled his way up the standings into 3rd Place, now standing a mere 6 Points from adding to his gold by reaching 1st Place.  The Week 5 MVP Award Runner-Up was rookie sensation My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  If you’ll recall, two weeks ago My Wife Loves Jimmy G claimed he was going to take home the Week 4 MVP Award.  Although he fell 7 Points short that week, this week he closed the gap and was only 5 Points short.  That was good enough to give him the second-best honor for the week.  More importantly, it helped him reach the Top Five as 1 of only 5 players that has 100+ Points on the season so far.  My Wife Loves Jimmy G now finds himself only 16 Points away from taking over the top spot in the club.  In looking at the rest of the Top Five, Drummer Boy held onto 1st Place for the fourth straight week.  But #2 player Stinkerbell closed the gap between them to 3 Points.  In 4th Place, Hoosier Daddy isn’t making a lot of noise, but he’s letting his picks do the talking.  Hoosier Daddy is now only 12 Points behind friend and teammate Drummer Boy.  Imagine the drama if these two end up battling it out for the top spot down the stretch.  Now that five games have been played this season, we might take a closer look at Triple Jeopardy and the impact it is having on the Current Standings this season.  Three players are tied for the league lead at 4-1.  They are Drummer Boy, My Wife Loves Jimmy G & Young Tuna.  That’s a net gain of 6 Points for those three players.  On the flip side, Shaylene and New York City Sewer Rat have flopped badly and are 1-4, which brings them a net loss of 6 Points.  Captain Insano has improved slightly this season at 2-3, but he probably still hasn’t gotten over losing the club title last season after going 3-13 and leaving 20 Points on the table.  As a collective group, the club is 35-35 at picking TJ this season, with only The Rickster, Nighthawk & MJD Hogg abstaining from taking any TJ risks.