“MJD Hogg scores 30 Points and drives off with the Week 6 MVP Award!”

Week 6 MVP Award Winner –
MJD Hogg (30 Points)

Two-time Club Champion Runner-Up MJD Hogg left Hazzard County in the dust as he scored 30 Points to drive off with the Week 6 MVP Award.  MJD Hogg did this by getting both Games of the Week, the Double Stakes, and Sunday night game correct.  MJD Hogg was also 1 of only 8 players to wisely switch away from the Autopicker last week and go with Washington.  But MJD Hogg’s most brilliant decision was how he wisely used Triple Jeopardy for the first time this season.  He had a strong feeling that the Colts would win, and thus he went ahead and selected TJ and came away with 2 Bonus Points.  The huge week has left MJD Hogg a mere 3 Points from entering the Top Ten and 18 Points from reaching the Top Five.  MJD Hogg would love to continue his upward trajectory in season Points Standings finishes.  In 2020, he finished in 15th Place.  But in 2021, he finished in 7th Place.  Might a Top Five finish be lined up for 2022?  The Week 6 MVP Award Runner-Up went to two players who both tied for it with 29 Points.  The first player was My Life Loves Jimmy G, who has been on an absolute tear since his proclamation a couple of weeks ago that he was going to be scoring lots of Points.  This marks the second consecutive week that he has finished as the MVP Award Runner-Up.  He now stands only 12 Points out of 1st Place and over the past 2 weeks he has outperformed top player Drummer Boy by a combined 9 Points.  My Wife Loves Jimmy G has also created some separation between himself and the 6th Place player with a 7 Point cushion.  Speaking of the 6th Place player, that would be Double-Double, who was the second player to tie for the Week 6 MVP Award Runner-Up.  If Double-Double has taught us one thing over his stellar career in the club, it’s that he is never to be counted out.  He might be down in the standings at times, but he is never out of the running.  Double-Double is eyeing the Top Five and #1 spot in the standings, but he is also eyeing his greatest rival Stinkerbell.  Double-Double is now only 9 Points away from catching up with her.  In looking at the Top Five, Drummer Boy continues to make very solid picks week after week.  He doesn’t leave much of an opportunity for anybody to catch up with him when he never has a really bad week.  If there is one minor criticism of Drummer Boy, it’s that he doesn’t win any MVP Awards.  The last time he won an MVP Award was during Week 15 of the 2019 season.  But who needs MVP Awards when you have the consistency of Drummer Boy?  He has proven that as he has now logged a combined 19 weeks at #1 over the past two seasons despite not winning any MVP Awards.  However, I am issuing a standing challenge to him to step up and win an MVP Award sometime this season.  Tied for 2nd Place we have Hoosier Daddy and Stinkerbell, who are both 10 Points behind Drummer Boy.  And Mr. T is in 4th Place, 1 Point behind them.  Finally, I wanted to give out a shout-out to Captain Jack Sparrow, who posted a solid 23 Point week.  Having walked the plank and taken on water for the past several weeks with some bad picks, he finally steadied the ship.  As he proclaimed on Club Chat: “I will lick me wounds an' get the Black Pearl on the move again. Full sail ahead, all sail, ramming speed into uncharted waters. Beware the kraken.”  And sure enough, he delivered and has the Black Pearl back on track.