“The Sad Salmon swims ahead with the Week 11 MVP Award!”

Week 11 MVP Award Winner –
The Sad Salmon (35 Points)

After debuting in 1st Place with the Week 1 MVP Award this season, The Sad Salmon tumbled down the standings as he got snagged in a net of bad picks.  This can be attributed to him moving from Sonoma County back to Miami and trying to get settled in there.  But now that he has done that and is able to attend Dolphins home games in person once again (along with Viking Blood), The Sad Salmon has broken free and entered a fast current moving in the direction of the top of the standings.  Back in Week 7, he was in 14th Place treading water being 34 Points out of 1st Place.  But now four weeks later, after snagging the Week 11 MVP Award with 35 Points (which is the highest score of the year), he has swam into 7th Place and is only 14 Points out of 1st Place.  So in a span of only four weeks, he made up 20 Points on the top players.  Based on his past history of having a huge late season surge one year ago, this does not bode well for the rest of the club.  The Sad Salmon is currently only 5 Points out of 3rd Place and looks to be a heavy favorite to enter the Top Five next week.  Be sure to check out the picture at the bottom of the post to see The Sad Salmon & Viking Blood at a 49ers game.  I wonder what My Wife Loves Jimmy G thinks of the sign that Viking Blood made for her husband The Sad Salmon?  Perhaps this is the start of new rivalry?  The Week 11 MVP Award Runner-Up went to Roadrunner, who scored 34 Points and only missed out on winning back-to-back MVPs because he picked the Over/Under wrong on Monday night.  Roadrunner & The Sad Salmon were 2 of only 4 players to correctly pick the Triple Crown of Det-Wash-Cin last week (along with Viking Blood & Mr. T).  Roadrunner’s second huge week in a row propelled him all the way into 2nd Place, only 2 Points behind current leader Hoosier Daddy.  3rd Place in the Current Standings has become a logjam between Double-Double, his main rival Stinkerbell, and My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  As far as the statistical leader board, we currently have Hoosier Daddy & My Wife Loves Jimmy G leading in Games of the Week (with 15), Stinkerbell & Captain Jack Sparrow in Double Stakes (with 6), Roadrunner, Double-Double, The Rickster & New York City Sewer Rat in Triple Crowns ( with 3), Stinkerbell, Rad Dad & Shaylene in 6 Point SNF/MNF games (with 9), and Young Tuna in Triple Jeopardy (with 8 correct and only 1 wrong).  The following paragraph is copy and pasted over from the Pro Bowl Tournament Page as this week is the Pro Bowl team championship match featuring (7) Daddy & His Boys at (3) Tuna Generations.

The 2022 Pro Bowl Team Championship match is going to be an epic showdown between two teams battling it out to make history.  Being that there was no Pro Bowl Weekly team competition this season, team play didn’t get started until Week 9 when there was qualifying for tournament seeding.  Surprisingly, 3-time Pro Bowl team champs (2000, 2007 & 2010) Daddy & His Boys struggled mightily during qualifying, scoring the lowest total with 51 Points and thus getting the lowest seed at #7.  On the other hand, brand new team Tuna Generations punched their ticket to the #3 seed by scoring 69 Points.  Daddy & His Boys consists of (current ranking) #1 team captain Hoosier Daddy, #8 Drummer Boy, and #18 MJD Hogg.  Tuna Generations consists of (current ranking) #2 Roadrunner, #13 team captain Fearless Tuna, and #21 rookie Young Tuna.  That’s an average player ranking in the standings of 9th Place for Daddy & His Boys and 12th Place for Tuna Generations.  So the teams are kind of even with the two best players in the club, two middle-ranked players, and two lower-ranked players.  And when you look into the two tournament matches each team has played so far, it reveals a similar story.  For Daddy & His Boys, it reveals a team on a mission.  When Daddy & His Boys lost the Pro Bowl championship match one year ago to Wild Animals 61-54, it cost them a shot at making history.  Up until that point, each team had won three championships and the big question was which team would win their fourth?  Wild Animals did so and thus left Daddy & His Boys in the dust.  But here we are one year later, and Daddy & His Boys now have a chance to equal Wild Animals and even things out at four championships each.  So to say that Daddy & His Boys are going to be highly motivated to win this match would be an understatement.  Tuna Generations, on the other hand, want to make their own history by winning this championship.  Fearless Tuna put this team together to allow three generations of the Tuna family to play together.  We have Young Tuna, his dad Fearless Tuna, and his grandpa Roadrunner all together swimming on the same team.  That’s quite special just to have them playing together but Tuna Generations would love nothing more than to escape the cannery and swim off into the ocean as team champions.  So who has the edge?  Daddy & His Boys have won both of their tournament matches by 20 Points.  That’s clear team strength that appears to be unstoppable.  Tuna Generations won their first match by 12 Points and their second match by 29 Points.  So while Daddy & His Boys won their first two matches by a combined 40 Points, Tuna Generations did so by 41 Points.  Once again, that shows that we appear to have very evenly-matched teams.  But with Daddy & His Boys being a long-time veteran championship team, they will be going into this match as heavy 12 Point favorites over rookie upstarts Tuna Generations.  My prediction is that Tuna Generations’ dream run through the tournament ends in bitter disappointment, being snagged in fishing nets, and sent off to the cannery.  But in this unpredictable football season, you just never know what might happen.

I wonder what My Wife Loves Jimmy G thinks of the sign that Viking Blood made for her husband The Sad Salmon? Perhaps this is the start of new rivalry?