“My Wife Loves Jimmy G falls in love with the Week 13 MVP Award!”

Week 13 MVP Award Winner –
My Wife Loves Jimmy G (35 Points)

Rookie sensation My Wife Loves Jimmy G posted a huge week as he scored 35 Points to win the Week 13 MVP Award.  Winning an MVP was the next logical step after he won back-to-back MVP Award Runner-Ups earlier this season, peaked at #2 in the Current Standings, and had to overcome the adversity of seeing Viking Blood’s witty sign that she brought to the football game.  My Wife Loves Jimmy G picked everything correct last week except for two Point Spread games and the Double Stakes.  But what separated him from the three players who tied for the Week 13 MVP Award Runner-Up was that he was willing to take a risk and select Triple Jeopardy.  Being that My Wife Loves Jimmy G trusted Jimmy G and the 49ers and selected TJ, he got 2 Bonus Points that the other three players did not.  Those three players are MJD Hogg, The Rickster & Rad Dad, who all scored 33 Points on the week.  Even though they avoided risk taking (which turns out to be the wise choice most of the time), they are all happy to have had such huge weeks with the resulting climb up the standings.  In taking a look at the Top Five, Roadrunner put the pedal to the metal and solidified his hold on the #1 position by scoring 32 Points last week.  He now holds a solid 6 Point lead over fast-charging #2 player My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  A few car lengths behind them are #3 Stinkerbell (12 Points back), and tied for #4 Hoosier Daddy & Rad Dad (13 Points back).

The Super Bowl Tournament got underway last week with five matches.  Three of the five matches were decided by a mere 1 Point.  In those matches, (21) Young Tuna def. (12) Shaylene 30-29, (13) Viking Blood def. (20) Slick Chick 24-23, and (15) Bob Swerski def. (18) Captain Insano 30-29.  In a funny twist, Young Tuna beat one grandparent and advanced to play his other grandparent Roadrunner.  Those two like to play sports and have races at the park, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in their club match.  The other two matches were not so close, as (19) Captain Jack Sparrow def. (14) Fearless Tuna 27-12 and (17) MJD Hogg def. (16) New York City Sewer Rat 33-2.  I’d like to congratulate Captain Jack Sparrow on making me walk the plank and wish him well as he advances through the tournament.  This week is the Wild Card Round in the Super Bowl Tournament and we have eight matches.  One that really stands out is the football game sign match between new rivals (13) Viking Blood at (5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  Another is the marriage match between husband and wife (15) Bob Swerski at (4) Stinkerbell, in which only one mate can survive and make it to the next round.  Check out the Super Bowl Tournament Page for a rundown of the rest of this week’s matches.