“Young Tuna breaks through with the Week 14 MVP Award!”

Week 14 MVP Award Winner –
Young Tuna (24 Points)

Rookie player Young Tuna, the youngest player in club history at 10 years old, has finally done it.  After two previous near-misses, Week 14 proved to be the breakthrough as Young Tuna scored 24 Points to win the MVP Award.  In both Weeks 10 & 12, Young Tuna was leading the way going into the Monday night game, where he had the favorite picked each time.  However, upsets happened and Young Tuna’s MVP dreams were canned.  As we arrived at the Week 14 Monday night game, the table was set once again with Young Tuna leading the school of club fish.  However, he needed the favorite New England to win, otherwise the MVP Award was going to another player (The Rickster).  This time, Young Tuna was not going to be denied as the Patriots got the job done and Young Tuna finally won his first lifetime MVP Award.  Young Tuna’s key to success was being the only player in the entire club to get the Triple Crown of Cin-Phil-Car.  He was also 1 of only 4 players to correctly pick LA Chargers on Sunday night (along with NYC Sewer Rat, MJD Hogg & Stinkerbell).  And he was 1 of only 5 players to correctly pick Balt with TJ (along with Fearless Tuna, My Wife Loves Jimmy G, Drummer Boy & Roadrunner).  Young Tuna also continues to lead the league in picking Triple Jeopardy with a Hall of Fame record pace of 10-1.  Young Tuna is trying to beat his dad’s Hall of Fame record of 13-2 and take over his spot in Canton.  The Week 14 MVP Award Runner-Up goes to Captain Insano as he scored 21 Points.  Also, credit to Captain Insano for avoiding Triple Jeopardy this week with his pick of Pittsburgh and making wiser use of it overall this season.  His TJ record this season is 4-6, which although not great, is far better than last season when he finished 3-13 and lost the club title due to the net loss of 20 Points in the standings.  In looking at the current Top Five, #1 player Roadrunner continues shifting into a higher gear every week.  By scoring 17 Points last week with some fairly good picks, Roadrunner has extended his 1st Place lead to 12 Points, which is the largest lead anyone has had this season.  However, with four weeks left, the title is still up for grabs and anyone currently in the Top Ten has a realistic shot at winning in my opinion.  Currently tied for #2 are My Wife Loves Jimmy G and Rad Dad.  Rad Dad thus reached a new peak position, climbing up from 4th Place last week.  And at #4, we have a three-way tie between Hoosier Daddy, The Rickster & Stinkerbell (all being 17 Points back).  As a side note, be sure to double check your scores each week to make sure no mistakes are made on my end.  I post the scoring sheet to the Main Page every week so you can see how I arrived at your Point total for the week.  If you notice something off, please notify me right away.  I try my very best but mistakes can slip through the cracks on rare occasions.

The Wild Card Round of the Super Bowl Tournament took place last week with some interesting results.   In the first match, Young Tuna completed a sweep of his grandparents as (21) Young Tuna def (1) Roadrunner 24-17.  In a showdown that went down to the wire, (2) Hoosier Daddy ties (19) Captain Jack Sparrow 13-13 and advances due to being the higher seed.  In a battle between long-time friends from Novato, (17) MJD Hogg def. (3) Double-Double 17-14 to advance.  In the marriage rivalry match, (15) Bob Swerski def. (4) Stinkerbell 18-12 with some help from his pick of the Patriots on Monday night.  Bob Swerski now has bragging rights at home in Head to Head play, but who will finish higher in the standings?  In the football game sign grudge match, (5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G def. (13) Viking Blood 11-6.  This result was not applauded by Viking Blood’s husband (9) The Sad Salmon, who narrowly def. (8) The Rickster 16-14.  The Sad Salmon will be looking for revenge later in the tournament if he happens to meet up with My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  Advancing quietly through the tournament is (11) Nighthawk, as he def. (6) Mr. T 19-14.  In the final match, (7) Rad Dad def. (10) Drummer Boy 18-10, as Drummer Boy hasn’t quite yet broken out of his mid-season slump.  This week is the Divisional Round with four great matches taking place.  Be sure to check out the Super Bowl Tournament Page for all the details.