“The Sad Salmon wins his 3rd MVP Award of the season!”

Week 15 MVP Award Winner –
The Sad Salmon (34 Points)

Miami resident and big time Dolphins supporter The Sad Salmon scored 34 Points last week to win the Week 15 MVP Award.  This is his league leading 3rd MVP Award of the season.  And with 3 weeks left in the season, he still has a chance to equal or surpass Slick Chick’s Hall of Fame record of 5 MVP Awards in a Season (set in 2010).  The Sad Salmon got his MVP Award last week by picking everything correct except for 3 games.  The Sad Salmon no doubt dedicated this win to his wife Viking Blood in appreciation for the sign she made for him at the football game.  Having such a huge week has sent The Sad Salmon back into the Top Ten.  He now stands 20 Points out with 3 weeks to play.  That may sound insurmountable but keep in mind that a week ago he was 35 Points out.  So he made up 15 Points in a single week.  That being the case, 20 more Points in the next 3 weeks is not out of the question when he is picking lights out at such a high level.  The Week 15 MVP Award Runner-Up was My Wife Loves Jimmy G, who scored 30 Points and has his own sights set on becoming this year’s Club Champion.  My Wife Loves Jimmy G only missed 4 games last week as he too has stepped up in a big way.  And this has really shaken up the Top Five.  In fact, we could say it has shaken up the entire Top Ten.  Literally anyone in that group could have a couple big weeks and walk away as the 2022 Football Club Points Champion and raise the Rhapsody Ralph trophy at the end of the season.  #1 player Roadrunner held onto the top spot for a fourth consecutive week.  However, his hold on 1st Place has become quite precarious.  And that is because #2 player My Wife Loves Jimmy G has closed the gap from 12 Points to just 1 single Point.  There is no more margin for error if Roadrunner hopes to keep riding ahead of the pack with the trophy in his passenger seat.  He’s going to need to step up with some better picks this week.  #3 player Mr. T had a huge week as well with 29 Points, which has pulled him to within 9 Points of reaching the top.  And #4 Rad Dad currently sits at 12 Points back.  But it’s the next five positions in the Current Standings which reveals something shocking.  The players from 5th Place through 9th Place are currently in a major logjam, all being separated by only 1 Point.  This includes Double-Double, The Rickster, a resurgent Drummer Boy, Hoosier Daddy & Stinkerbell.  Which one of these five great players will break through this week and become a serious contender for the club title?

The Divisional Round of the Super Bowl Tournament took place last week and we had some interesting results.  In a sad result for the Tuna family, (2) Hoosier Daddy ties (21) Young Tuna 18-18 to advance.  The amazing thing about this result is that Hoosier Daddy has reached the final four in the Conference Round without winning a single match.  He has advanced as the higher seed after two ties.  But that’s the reward for earning a higher seeding, which he worked hard to obtain by picking so well throughout the season.  However, Hoosier’s brother will not be joining him as (5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G def. (17) MJD Hogg 30-22.  In the third match, (7) Rad Dad def. (15) Bob Swerski 19-9.  And in the fourth match, our MVP (9) The Sad Salmon def. (11) Nighthawk 34-17.  With that, the final four is set with two matches in the Conference Round this week.  We have (9) The Sad Salmon at (2) Hoosier Daddy and (7) Rad Dad at (5) My Wife Loves Jimmy G.  We know how badly The Sad Salmon is hoping to win and potentially get revenge against My Wife Loves Jimmy G in the Super Bowl final (for him beating Viking Blood earlier in the tournament).  But I’m sure that Hoosier Daddy and Rad Dad will have a thing or two to say about who ultimately reaches the championship match.  One thing we can be sure of is that these will be two great matches this week in the Conference Round.  One of these four players – The Sad Salmon, Hoosier Daddy, Rad Dad or My Wife Loves Jimmy G – will become the Super Bowl Champion once Week 16 concludes a couple of weeks from now.