“Double-Double earns a gift certificate with the Week 3 MVP Award!”

Week 3 MVP Award Winner –
Double-Double (29 Points)

An old club rivalry heated up last week as both Double-Double and Stinkerbell put up huge numbers to serve notice on the rest of the club and each other that they are here to play this season.  Double-Double had the highest score of the week with 29 Points to win the Week 3 MVP Award.  He did this by getting one Game of the Week, the Sunday night game, the Double Stakes, and both Monday night games.  On his recent visit to California, I stopped at In-N-Out Burger in Ukiah with Double-Double and Mrs. Double, but I noticed that he only ordered a single cheeseburger.  After his great success last week, it would only be fair if the club issued him a gift certificate to get a full Double-Double during his next stop at an In-N-Out Burger.  He’s definitely earned it with his hard work in making good picks.  It’s only too bad that there are no branches in Omaha, which means that he can only enjoy it on his next visit to another nearby state with branches.  Double-Double’s main rival since the historic back-and-forth 2018 season has been Stinkerbell.  Last week, Stinkerbell and New York City Sewer Rat both scored 27 Points to share the Week 3 MVP Award Runner-Up.  Stinkerbell told Young Tuna last week on Club Chat that she was “planning on flying up and joining him in the Top Five“.  She almost did just that, but she has a little bit more ground to make up.  I’m sure she will be there soon.  New York City Sewer Rat made some unusually strong picks this week and has gotten himself back into contention.  How did he do it?  At a press conference after the games, he confessed: “I had my co-worker who really likes football go over my picks“.  The strategy ended up paying off big time and NYC Sewer Rat may just need to hire his co-worker as head coach.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 Young Tuna (2 Weeks at #1), #2 Roadrunner (3 Points back), #3 Captain Jack Sparrow (8 Points back), #4 Viking Blood (9 Points back), and #5 Double-Double (10 Points back).  Roadrunner continues to pick well and is showing that last season’s success was not a fluke.  In fact, he was the only club member last week to correctly pick the Triple Crown of Det- Indy-Sea and get the 7 Points.  On the flip side, Fearless Tuna, Mr. T & Hoosier Daddy have completely flopped at picking Triple Jeopardy and are now 0-3.  These players better hope they don’t miss again this week and fall to 0-4 because that would be very embarrassing to say the least.