“Fearless Tuna breaches the water to claim the Week 4 MVP Award!”

Week 4 MVP Award Winner –
Fearless Tuna (31 Points)

Yours truly Fearless Tuna breached the water to claim the Week 4 MVP Award last week by scoring 31 Points.  This was quite the turnaround after getting hooked by the bait of making bad picks in Week 3, where I had the lowest score in the club with only 6 Points.  I won the MVP Award by being 1 of only 2 players in the club to claim the Double Stakes of Denver & Houston (along with NYC Sewer Rat).  Then, I added both Games of the Week and finally got my first Triple Jeopardy game correct by picking LA Rams with TJ.  This helped me swim up the standings from 14th Place to 9th Place.  Young Tuna made it a father-son combo on the podium as he claimed the Week 4 MVP Award Runner-Up with 27 Points.  Young Tuna continues to impress and was named the September Player of the Month Award Winner.  He won this award by logging 3 weeks at #1, winning 1 MVP Award, and now 1 MVP Award Runner-Up.  That’s quite a month to remember for the juvenile fish and possible future Club Champion.  Young Tuna remains in 1st Place with the rest of the Top Five consisting of #2 Roadrunner (14 Points back), #3 Double-Double (15 Points back), #4 Captain Jack Sparrow (19 Points back), and #5 Captain Insano (21 Points back).  As you can see, Young Tuna has padded himself quite the lead, with a large dam of Points being built up between him and the rest of the club downstream.  It’s getting to the point where I better start asking him for help with my picks, rather than the other way around.  Hoosier Daddy also stepped up last week and picked up a Triple Jeopardy win with his brilliant pick of the LA Rams with TJ.  And New York City Sewer Rat posted his second consecutive 26+ Point week.  Perhaps his workmate who is helping him with his picks has lifted off the sewer grate and let him escape the grime of bad picks.  In Head to Head Weekly, we are now 2 games into the regular season.  Drummer Boy (2-0) leads Division One.  Three players are tied for the lead of Division Two.  New York City Sewer Rat (2-0) leads Division Three after a stunning battle with The Rickster last week (26-25 final score).  And all five players in Division Four are tied for 1st Place.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, two teams have really stood out in the early part of the season.  Daddy & His Boys and The Hulkamanics are both 2-0.  Who will win the early season showdown between them this week and claim the 3-0 start?  We will soon find out.