“Captain Insano power bombs the club to win the Week 5 MVP Award!”

Week 5 MVP Award Winner –
Captain Insano (29 Points)

Captain Insano is celebrating by enjoying a crawfish dinner as he made high-quality picks to score 29 Points and win the Week 5 MVP Award.  As a result, he power-bombed his way up the standings to a new Peak Position of #3.  Captain Insano is serving notice that he is not going to sit on the sidelines as a waterboy, but he is aiming to win the Club Championship for the first time in his distinguished career.  Captain Insano’s winning picks included getting both Games of the Week, the Double Stakes, both Point Spread games, and the Monday night game.  Not far behind Captain Insano was Fearless Tuna, who claimed the Week 5 MVP Award Runner-Up with 26 Points.  After winning the MVP last week and the Runner-Up this week,  Fearless Tuna returns to the Top Five currently in 4th Place.  That’s quite a jump from 14th Place to 4th Place in 2 weeks.  For the whole club, the Monday night game truly was a make-or-break game.  9 club members had the Packers and 9 club members had the Raiders.  In fact, had the Packers won, the MVP Award would have been shared by 3 players – Drummer Boy, Rad Dad & Viking Blood.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 Young Tuna (4 Weeks at #1), #2 Roadrunner (8 Points back), #3 Captain Insano (9 Points back), #4 Fearless Tuna (16 Points back), and #5 Captain Jack Sparrow & Double-Double (2o Points back).  I haven’t commented much on Roadrunner yet this season, but he is indeed showing that last season’s #3 finish and 5 Weeks at #1 was no fluke.  In fact, he has spent this entire season in 2nd Place not budging from the spot.  He has not been able to catch up to #1 player Young Tuna because Young Tuna has picked a mind-boggling 9 out of 10 Games of the Week correct this season.  When it comes to picking Triple Jeopardy so far this season, we have two polar opposites in the club.  On the positive side, Shaylene has a perfect record of 4-0 in TJ.  But on the flip side of that, Mr. T has a dismal record of 0-4 in TJ.  Mr. T, we need you to step up and get a TJ game correct this week.  There was an early season undefeated showdown in Pro Bowl Team Weekly last week, when The Hulkamaniacs def. Daddy & His Boys 63-58.  It was a narrow victory for The Hulkamaniacs, who improved their perfect record to 3-0.  Meanwhile, in Head to Head Weekly, we only have two players left who are still undefeated.  They are Drummer Boy (3-0) and Captain Insano (2-0-1).