“Viking Blood rows off with the Week 10 MVP Award!”

Week 10 MVP Award Winner –
Viking Blood (26 Points)

Third-year club member Viking Blood won her first career MVP Award by scoring 26 Points as she sails back up the standings into 9th Place.  With her winning of this MVP, the MVP Award has now been won by 11 different players over the first 10 weeks.  Nobody has yet repeated this season as an MVP winner.  And that’s a wonderful thing for the club.  Viking Blood has been an incredibly skilled player ever since she arrived from Iceland, married The Sad Salmon, and became a Miami Dolphins fan a few years back.  In her first season (2021), she reached a Peak Position of #11.  Then last year in her second season (2022), she reached a new Peak Position of #4.  And now in 2023, she has again improved by rowing against strong currents to reach a Peak Position of #3.  However, this season is only a little more than half over and she is now only 8 Points away from getting back into the Top Five.  So before this season is over, perhaps she will reach greater heights and have her name etched into the roll of legends (or Top Five finishers).  Viking Blood won the Week 10 MVP Award by getting both Games of the Week, the Sunday night game, both Point Spread games, and picking TB with TJ.  That’s a really strong week.  As she keeps an eye on the village of Grindavik, Viking Blood will no doubt be looking ahead to having another strong showing in Week 11.  The Week 10 MVP Award Runner-Up was shared by three great players: New York City Sewer Rat, Double-Double & Stinkerbell.  All three scored 25 Points and fell short of tying Viking Blood for the MVP by one single Point.  Stinkerbell has had kind of tough season and she lamented on Club Chat a couple weeks ago that her “wings seem to be broken this season”.  However, she later added that “I have been flying in reverse lately but I think that I am going to fly past everyone this week so look out”.  And one week later, she delivered on that threat and posted a strong week.  Her next objective is to make up the 8 Points between her and her main rival Double-Double.  Let’s see if she can do that this week and win an MVP Award before the season ends in honor of her new grandson baby Clay.  In fact, I’m issuing a challenge right now to Bob Swerski, Hoosier Daddy, Mr. T, My Wife Loves Jimmy G, Rad Dad, The Rickster & Stinkerbell.  The challenge is for one of you to step up this week and win the Week 11 MVP Award.  Let’s keep the streak going where a different club member wins the MVP every single week.  In taking a quick look at the Week 11 Picks Sheet, most of the games do not look overly challenging to pick.  Could we possibly even see a Perfect Week by The Rickster or someone else, which would be the fourth Perfect Week in club history?  We will see.  The Top Five currently consists of #1 Young Tuna (8 Weeks at #1), #2 Drummer Boy (9 Points back), #3 Roadrunner (13 Points back), #4 Captain Insano (18 Points back), and tied for #5 Fearless Tuna & Rad Dad (20 Points back).  As you may have noticed, the battle for 1st Place and the Top Five (as well as the Top Ten) has really tightened up.  One of the reasons for that is that 5 of the top 6 players last week all got the 6 Point Sunday night game wrong, which allowed those further down the standings to make up some ground.  We all made the mistake of trusting my New York Jets, who played awful once again.  Then also Young Tuna, Roadrunner & Shaylene had really bad weeks with the three lowest scores.  This resulted in Drummer Boy reaching a new peak of #2, Captain Insano pushing forward to #4, and Rad Dad entering the Top Five for the first time this season at #5.  With Young Tuna hanging onto the top spot for dear life, I’m almost scared to see how well Drummer Boy, Captain Insano & Rad Dad will do this week.  Because I’m not sure if they can be stopped.  They are crashing the Tuna family Top Five party and might be sending some of us off to the cannery soon.