Sunday Games 9/9

Well I know some of you are curious as to how the Week One Sunday games and picks played out in the club.  At the end of the Sunday Night game, 5 club members were in the over 20 Point range, 19 club members were in the 10 to 20 Point range, and 1 club member was below 10 Points.  The way things stand now, the MVP and #1 debut will belong to either Bane (if Oak wins) or Catfish & Papa Tuna (co-MVPs if SD wins).  The Top Five after Sunday night include Catfish, Papa Tuna, MJD Hogg, Nighthawk, and Bane.  Nobody got the Triple Crown this week.  13 club members were set up for it by picking Det-Min, but all 13 missed the TB pick.  Also, only 5 club members correctly picked Arz over Sea in the Game of the Week– steveluvsal, MJD Hogg, Nighthawk, Bane, and The Cat.  Only 2 players swept the Point Spread games of Cle-Wash-SF– Papa Tuna and Catfish.  I’m sure many club members are busy tonight celebrating the SF 49ers big win, just as The Rickster is celebrating the Dallas Cowboys win, I am celebrating the NY Jets win, and Dixie Slick is celebrating the Chicago Bears win.  It was a good Week One (at least for most of us).