Picks Sheet Correction

I’m sending out e-mails about this, but I just noticed when C Master V turned in his picks a few minutes ago that there was a mistake on the picks sheet.  The correct pick reads like this–

_____ Philadelphia Eagles (-8) at Cleveland Browns _____

Previously, the pick had read Philadelphia +8, which was wrong.  Philadelphia is favored by 8.  I think most of you realized that, but just in case… it’s been corrected.  If you pick Philadelphia, they must win by more than 8 Points.

On another note, I noticed that one of the turned in picks disappeared from my e-mail.  So just for the record, as of Friday night at 7pm the following picks have been received and recorded– Iceman, Fuegoburns, steveluvsal, Captain Insano, Mr. T, MJD Hogg, Hoosier Daddy, Catfish, C Master V, Annie-mal, Drummer Boy, and Captain Jack Sparrow.  If you turned in your picks before Friday and your name is not there, please resend them.  Thanks.  I guess all the sleepless nights with the new baby are catching up with me…

One final note– I turn in my own picks each week on the Club Shoutbox before kickoff of all games.  So all club members are free to view my picks there after they turn in their own picks.  (My Week 1 picks have just been posted).