Sunday Games 9/16

Today’s games featured quite a few upsets that threw the club into chaos during Week 2.  Many club members struggled… as an example, 11 people missed both Games of the Week.  But after the Sunday night game concluded, there were a few stand out players for Week 2.  The Beav had brilliant picks across the board and he has clinched a share of the MVP Award with 30 Points going into Monday night (which means he has a potential Week 2 score of 36 Points).  The scary thing about the Beav’s picks is that he missed the Sunday night game when he picked Detroit.  If he had picked SF und, he could have been headed for a 40 Point week.  The next best player was his Transformers teammate Jacuzzi Splot, who scored 23 Points.  Right behind those two was Captain Insano, who reasserted his dominance with 21 Points.  Which brings me to the Den-Atl matchup.  For the Monday night 6 Point game we have 14 club members with Denver and 10 with Atlanta, along with 1 undecided at this point.  Should be a great game.  Going into Monday night’s game, the Top Five has not fared so well.  The scores so far are Catfish (10), Papa Tuna (14), MJD Hogg (11), Nighthawk (10), and Bane (14).  So those players really need to get tomorrow’s pick right or they could be in trouble.  And that means the door is open for everyone else to pick up some major ground.