“Rookie Sensation Is Our Week 3 MVP!” (Wk 4)

Week 3 MVP Award Winner–
Iceman (27 Points)

Week 3 came to a dramatic and controversial conclusion on Monday night when Seattle was awarded a TD on the final play of the game that gave them and 8 club members the victory and 3 Points.  While several club members were outraged over the bad calls of the replacement referees, the result stands and Seattle gets credit for the win.  As a result, the replacement referees are now having an impact on The Football Club.  With the assistance of the big Seattle victory, rookie sensation Iceman won the Week 3 MVP Award with 27 Points.  Going into Monday night, Iceman trailed Drummer Boy by 3 Points.  But by coincidence, Iceman had the opposite picks of Drummer Boy with Seattle and Under.  When the game was over, Iceman had picked up 4 Points and moved ahead of Drummer Boy, thus claiming the MVP.  The key to Iceman’s big week in the club was picking both Games of the Week correctly with Atl & Hou.  And not only is Iceman our Week 3 MVP, but he is also our new #3 player in the club.  That’s an excellent showing for a rookie player.  While Drummer Boy is no doubt distraught over the decision of the replacement refs to award a TD to Seattle, he is still happy that he scored 26 Points to become the Week 3 MVP Award Runner-Up and move into the Top Five in 5th Place.  That should be the goal of everyone in the club, to at least reach the Top Five once during the season.  It’s something that is very tough to do, especially with 28 club members playing this season (which is our most since the 2000 season).  Papa Tuna maintained his quest to tie Unknown Artist’s legendary 17 Weeks at #1 record by scoring his 3rd Week at #1 this past week.  Obviously there is a long way to go and there are a lot of tough competitors challenging for the top spot, but the replacement refs helped Papa Tuna pad his 1st Place lead with the Seattle victory.  Although it was only a 3 Point game, there was actually a 6 Point swing between #1 and #2 on Monday night.  If Green Bay had won, Papa Tuna’s lead would have only been 3 Points.  But with the Seattle victory, Papa Tuna’s lead is now 9 Points.  That’s because Papa Tuna had picked Seattle, while club No. 2 player Captain Insano had picked Green Bay.  3rd Place is currently a tie between Iceman and fast-charging player freespirit.  They both have 63 Points and stand 12 Points out of the top spot.  Rounding out the Top Five we have the aforementioned Drummer Boy and Captain Jack Sparrow, both with 62 Points.  Captain Jack Sparrow is starting to pick really well as he threatens to release the Kracken and make his charge for 1st Place.

Moving over to Head to Head Weekly, a few players have remained undefeated and taken control of their divisions.  We have Papa Tuna (2-0) leading Division One, Mr. T and Double-Double (both 2-0) leading Division Two, Drummer Boy (2-0) leading Division Three, and Captain Insano (2-0) leading Division Four.  The Rickster is also undefeated at 1-0-1 and Catfish is undefeated as well at 0-0-2.  In a battle of titans this past week, Hoosier Daddy made Captain Jack Sparrow walk the plank 25-21.  Mr. T sent notice to the club that he means business by beating the struggling Bob Swerski 23-19.  Catfish continued his streak of ties by tying his main rival The Rickster 17-17.  And The Cat squeaked by The Beav 19-17 in a very closely contested match.  In Pro Bowl Weekly, the two hottest teams are Daddy & His Boys and Wild Animals (both 2-0).  Big surprise, huh?  Not really.  These two teams long record of winning club titles speaks for itself and they are both off to a fast start.  Especially Wild Animals, who won the 2011 Pro Bowl Team title and have now won 5 straight matches.  Meanwhile, The Black Pearl and Mighty Megalodons both picked up much-needed wins last week.  I fully expect these two teams to be in full contention for the title.  On the other end of the spectrum, Dark Lords of the NW, Beasts of the Bay, and Team Baby Tuna continue to struggle as they look for their first win.  Two of those teams are matched up against Daddy & His Boys and Wild Animals this week, so they might have to put their hopes on hold for another week unless they can pull off a miracle victory.

On another note, my apologies for the woes of the Autopicker last week.  I was trying to do what was in the best interests of the club when I had the Autopicker switch from NY Giants to Carolina last week.  The Autopicker always chooses the favored team.  When last week started, NY Giants was favored by 3 points.  But then it was announced that 4 of their main starters were not playing, so the Las Vegas line shifted to Carolina and made them 3 point favorites.  That’s why the Autopicker changed over.  I know a few of you were frustrated with the Autopicker.  But keep in mind you can always ignore the Autopicker and send in your own pick for Thursday night.  The Autopicker just exists to save time for both me and all of you so that we usually only have to turn in picks once per week.  And finally, Baby Tuna is ready to meet everyone, now that he has been kept safely at home for a full month.  We will be bringing him to our own meeting at Glen Ellen for the first time on this Wed night.  And we hope to visit Terra Linda for their weeknight meeting next week to see steveluvsal and Dixie Slick.