Sunday Games 10/28

Well I didn’t watch one second of the Sunday night game since the World Series was on.  Get ready for the parade on Wednesday, Giants fans!  While I did go to one World Series game back in 2010 (which was incredible in person), I didn’t get to go this time.  But it sure was fun to watch it!  Getting to football, after the dust settled from all the Sunday games, including the Sunday night game, 7 players scored 20+ Points– Hoosier Daddy, Mr. T, Captain Jack Sparrow, MJD Hogg, Bane, The Beav & Fuegoburns.  Meanwhile, 10 players all had 10 Points or less.  The highest score so far is 23 Points, which was posted by Hoosier Daddy.  Taking a quick look at the math, it looks like Hoosier Daddy is going to find himself in 3rd Place when this week is finished.  Papa Tuna will claim his 6th Week at #1 and maintain his current lead, but he better watch out because the Daddy is coming for his spot.  4 Players got the Triple Crown of Mia-Indy-NE– Hoosier Daddy, Captain Jack Sparrow, Bob Swerski & The Beav.  At the same time, 8 players went home in frustration, as they would have clamied the 7 Point Triple Crown if Ten had beaten Indy.  That is probably the most frustrating thing that can happen to club members, picking a brilliant Triple Crown with an upset correct, but then missing it because of one of the other games.  6 players got both Games of the Week correct with Det & Atl– Mr. T, MJD Hogg, Bane, C Master V, Fuegoburns & Rad Dad.  Speaking of Mr. T, he defeated Nighthawk to reach 7-0.  More tomorrow.