“Hoosier Daddy & The Beav Dominate!” (Wk 9)

Week 8 MVP Award Winners–
Hoosier Daddy & The Beav (26 Points)

Every week in the club, between 1-5 players go against The Autopicker and change their pick for Thursday night.  In a majority of cases (so far), it has paid off and rewarded those courageous players with 2 Points that nobody else gets.  While 2 Points is not a huge amount, it provides a huge boost of momentum heading into the weekend games.  This past week, Hoosier Daddy was the only player in the entire club to switch over from Minnesota to Tampa Bay.  Doing so gave him the 2 extra Points and propelled him to major weekend success.  Hoosier Daddy & The Beav were co-winners of the Week 8 MVP Award with 26 Points each.  With that, Hoosier Daddy has jumped from 16th Place to 3rd Place in a matter of only 3 weeks.  That shows why it is important to never give up.  Because if you can put a few consecutive weeks worth of good picks together, you can suddenly find yourself in the Top Five or beyond.  Like Hoosier Daddy, The Beav has been a powerful force this season.  It’s worth noting that last season, The Beav finished dead last in the club in 19th Place.  He even apologized on the Club Shoutbox to everyone for making such bad picks week after week.  This season, he has turned it all around and is one of the star players in the club.  The Beav is 1 of only 3 players in the club this season to win 2 MVP Awards so far.  And now, The Beav sits at 166 Points, only a single Point out of getting back into the Top Five.  Things are actually so tight right now among the top twelve players that I would not be surprised if either Dixie Slick, Bane, or Rad Dad jumped all the way from 12th Place to 5th Place in a single week.  I also am not sure how much longer Papa Tuna can hold onto 1st Place.  He has already had a career season with 6 Weeks at #1 and with this being essentially an all-star cast of legendary club members, it will be hard to remain in the top spot.  Look for either Captain Insano, Hoosier Daddy, or Captain Jack Sparrow to move into 1st Place after this coming week.

Over in Head to Head Weekly, we had some interesting developments.  We start, as has become the custom, with Mr. T.  He did it again!  Mr. T won another match to reach 7-0.  This time Mr. T’s victim was 2008 Club Champion Nighthawk, who was defeated by Mr. T by a score of 23-8.  Mr. T now stands a mere 3 Head to Head matches away from recording the first perfect regular season in club history.  Next up, Mr. T faces the biggest threat yet to his perfect season.  He will be going up against No. 6 player The Beav.  A quick check back reveals that for the past three weeks straight, The Beav would have either beaten or tied Mr. T, thus ruining his dreams of a perfect season.  The interesting thing about these two players, as the Current Standings reveal, is that only 1 Point separates them in the club.  The Beav is in 6th Place with 166 Points and Mr. T is in 7th Place with 165 Points.  What will happen when these two powerful players collide?  We will find out at the end of Week 9.  Last week, we also had a changing of the guard in two divisions.  In Division One, Papa Tuna suffered a heartbreaking loss to Hall of Fame player Drummer Boy 21-20.  As a result, he fell out of 1st Place.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, Captain Jack Sparrow plugged all the leaks that The Black Pearl got in Hawaii and sailed to his third consecutive Head to Head victory to move into 1st Place at 5-2.  In Division Four, Bane has shocked Dixie Slick and Captain Insano by taking control of the division that they have been on top of for a long time.  Bane is now 4-2-1 and looking to keep on winning.  Keep in mind that there are only 3 weeks left of Head to Head Weekly.  In order to earn a bye for the Super Bowl Tournament, you will need to finish in either 1st or 2nd Place in your division.  Everyone else will be stuck battling it out in the dreaded First Round.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, we have Daddy & His Boys dominating.  Hoosier Daddy proclaimed on the Club Shoutbox: “We are unstoppable!”  I would have to agree.  Last week, Team Baby Tuna had the second highest team score with 59 Points.  But guess what that got them?  A blow-out loss to Daddy & His Boys 72-59.  Tied with Daddy & His Boys in the standings at 6-1 is Mighty Megalodons, but as strong as they have played, they feel like they are in 2nd Place, even if they are tied for 1st.  I say that because if you look back at Mighty Megalodons schedule, their only loss came to Daddy & His Boys back in Week 2 by a score of 48-36.  Mighty Megalodons have not lost since that first week of team play, reeling off 6 straight victories.  But until they can beat Daddy & His Boys in a rematch, they cannot be considered the team to beat.  That being said, their tremendous improvement this season is very admirable.  Well done, Mighty Megs.