“Rad Dad Scores 30 Points to Win Week 9 MVP!” (Wk 10)

Week 9 MVP Award Winner–
Rad Dad (30 Points)

Having reached the halfway point in the football season, it is evident that Rad Dad has already had a fairly good year.  He peaked at #3 in the Current Standings, is tied for the league lead with 12 Games of the Week picked correctly, and finds himself tied for 1st Place in Division One, which is a great follow-up to winning the Super Bowl Head to Head competition last season.  After Week 9, Rad Dad can add one more accomplishment to that list– he is the Week 9 MVP Award winner.  Rad Dad accomplished this by scoring 30 Points last week.  Now he seems to have his sights set on getting back in the Top Five (currently 3 Points out) and perhaps even on becoming the #1 player in the club (currently 17 Points back).  With half a season left, anything is possible.  Speaking of the #1 position in the club, we have something very rare this week in the club, something that has not happened for a long time this late in the season.  Three players are currently tied for the top spot– Papa Tuna, Hoosier Daddy, and Captain Insano (all with 205 Points).  This logjam at the top was made possible by Papa Tuna’s continued struggles, Captain Insano’s consistency, and Hoosier Daddy’s Week 9 Co-MVP Award Runner-Up score of 28 Points.  These three players will probably be battling it out for weeks to come, but the edge has to go to Hoosier Daddy, who has risen up the standings from 16th Place to 1st Place in a matter of four weeks.  Basically, he is on fire right now, and Papa Tuna and Captain Insano could be in real trouble come next week.  We have now had 6 different players reach the #1 spot in the club this season, which helps to keep the friendly competition interesting.  Flying under the radar (except for in Head to Head), Mr. T has suddenly injected himself into the Club Championship discussion by reaching #4 and the Top Five for the first time this season.  Along with freespirit, they both are now only 14 Points out of 1st Place.  Looking down the rest of the Current Standings, we have also seen great play lately from MJD Hogg, Catfish, Dixie Slick (who was Week 9 Co-MVP Award Runner-Up), Bane, C Master V, Bob Swerski, and Jacuzzi Splot.  Look for these players to keep moving up the standings in the next few weeks.  Taking a look at players who have had success or failures with Triple Jeopardy this season, here are the standout players– Dixie Slick (5-0), Annie-mal (3-0), freespirit (3-0), Mr. T (6-1), MJD Hogg (5-1) & Mockytop (5-1).  That’s a lot of Bonus Points that these players have racked up.  Great job!  On the other side of things, Catfish, Bob Swerski & Caveman all have losing records with TJ, so they might want to think about checking “No” next time when presented with the TJ option.

Over in Head to Head, the discussion once again starts with Mr. T, who was facing a dangerous match against The Beav last week.  Mr. T took a 5 Point lead in the match after the Sunday games, yet his perfect record remained at risk because Mr. T had picked New Orleans on Monday night, while The Beav had picked Philadelphia.  Since the Monday game was worth 6 Points last week, The Beav was poised to make a last second upset and claim the victory.  But the Saints pulled through with a big win in behalf of Mr. T, sending Mr. T to a 26-15 victory and increasing his perfect record to an astounding 8-0.  We have never before seen that in the club.  The pressure is mounting with only 2 games left for Mr. T to finish this and claim a 10-0 record along with a spot in the Hall of Fame.  The good news for Mr. T is that he has already won something.  With the victory last week and his new 8-0 record, Mr. T has clinched the Division Two title, a Super Bowl Tournament bye week, and the #1 seed in Conference One during the tournament.  Well done, Mr. T!  Looking at the division leaders, which is critical during this final 2-game stretch, Division One has four players tied for the top spot– Rad Dad, Hoosier Daddy, Papa Tuna & Captain Jack Sparrow.  Only two of those four players will end up getting a bye week.  In Division Two, Double-Double is sitting in the driver’s seat for the remaining bye week at 4-4.  But with so many players right behind him, Double-Double may very well have to win out to secure his place with a week off.  In Division Three, the top three players all won their matches– Catfish, The Rickster & Drummer Boy.  Only 2 of these 3 players will manage to claim a bye week.  And in Divsion Four, the top three players also won– Bane, Dixie Slick & Captain Insano.  Which two will step up to claim a bye week?  We will soon find out.  Over in Pro Bowl Team Weekly, there are no bye weeks in this season’s tournament, since there are an even number of 8 teams.  However, it is still important to secure the #1 and #2 seeds to ensure a spot playing against a weaker team in the First Round.  With four weeks remaining in the Pro Bowl regular season, Daddy & His Boys continue to dominate.  For the 4th consecutive week, Daddy & His Boys scored the most Points out of any team in the league.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Daddy & His Boys are playing so well right now, that they could have and would have beaten any team they had been matched up against during the last four weeks.  How long can they keep this high level of dominance up?