“The Cat’s Perfect Week!” (Wk 12)

Week 11 MVP Award Winner–
The Cat (41 Points)

Another Perfect Week was something that I never thought I would see again in The Football Club.  There is just too much parity in the league and it seems impossible to correctly pick an entire week’s worth of games, including 2 Point Spread games and 1 Over/Under.  The odds must be astronomical.  Club legend The Rickster, arguably the best Football Club player of all-time (no matter what Unknown Artist says), had been the only player in club history to achieve the Perfect Week.  The Rickster did it back in Week 6 of the 2004 season, when he correctly picked all 14 games along with the Over/Under to score 39/39 Points.  That was an incredible feat that many of us remember from 8 long years ago. The Cat was able to repeat the feat by picking the same number of games correct last week– 14 in total.  He also selected Triple Jeopardy, which means that The Cat scored 41/39 Points last week (the extra 2 Points are considered Bonus Points).  The interesting thing about The Cat achieving this last week was that he made his picks while he was in the middle of doing hurricane relief work in New Jersey.  At the place where he was staying, there was no TV and no way for him to watch games that were going on.  Besides, he was way too busy helping out the brothers and sisters who had lost their homes.  So, The Cat made his picks and turned them in, not realizing that he was about to post only the second Perfect Week in club history.  In addition to having a Perfect Week, it’s also notable that The Cat posted a 40+ Point week.  That has also only happened a few times over the years.  In fact, the club record for the Most Points Scored in a Week is held by Captain Jack Sparrow, who scored 42 Points back in Week 15 of the 2006 season.  If you are wondering how it is possible to score so many Points and yet not have a Perfect Week, keep in mind that there are more Points available early and later in the season where there are no bye weeks.  Following closely behind The Cat this week were an astounding 8 players who had 30+ Point weeks– Double-Double (36), The Rickster (35), Captain Insano (33), Papa Tuna (33), Catfish (32), Rad Dad (31), Mockytop (31) & Hoosier Daddy (30).  Notice that the Top 4 players are included in that group.  Really, that’s bad news for the rest of the club, who needs to make up ground with only 6 weeks remaining.  But it seemed to be a week where there were very few upsets and many of the favored teams won.  That doesn’t happen too often, as you probably have noticed.

Head to Head Weekly wrapped up this past week with some stunning results.  We have the four division title winners– Papa Tuna (6-2-2), Mr. T (8-2), Catfish (6-2-2) & Captain Insano (7-3).  In Division One, Papa Tuna def. Hoosier Daddy 33-30 in another match for the ages.  That narrow victory gave Papa Tuna his first division title in 6 years.  It also stunned Hoosier Daddy, as it cost him a bye week.  Hoosier Daddy & Rad Dad both ended up with matching records of 6-4, but Rad Dad def. Hoosier 31-27 back in Week 5 to own the tiebreaker.  As our defending 2011 Super Bowl Head to Head champion, Rad Dad was no doubt very pleased to snag the final bye week from Division One.  Moving over to Division Two, alarm bells are starting to go off for Mr. T.  We all remember how he started out the season at a record of 8-0 on his hopeful march toward perfection.  Well not only did he not finish 10-0, but he didn’t even finish 9-1.  Double-Double def. Mr. T 36-29 to send him to a second consecutive loss.  Thus, Mr. T finished with a record of 8-2.  It was still the best record in the league, but Mr. T has to be the most nervous No. 1 seed we have ever seen.  It’s probably a good thing that he has a bye week in Head to Head play this week.  In Division Three, Catfish didn’t like his chances going into his division title showdown with Drummer Boy.  Upon beating him by a score of 32-26 to claim the division crown, Catfish said afterwards at the press conference: “I didn’t expect that at all.  He’s been on fire lately.”  Finally, in Division Four, Captain Insano knocked off Bane 33-26 to claim the division title.  Even so, Bane still was able to claim the final bye week for that division, which should please him greatly.  And so the First Round of the Super Bowl Tournament is all set.  The Super Bowl Tournament Page is now posted if you would like to check out who you are playing against this week.  Only the top two players in each division received a bye week, so all other players are battling it out in the dreaded First Round.  Nobody wants to be sent packing in an early exit from the tournament, so post your best picks this week.  And that could be hard, because I have never seen so many hard picks to make in a single week.

In Pro Bowl Weekly, we had a Hall of Fame record setting week.  As expected, Daddy & His Boys, the class of the league, won once again to reach 8-1-1.  But did anyone take note of the match between Wild Animals and their main rivals Transformers?  The final score was Wild Animals 112 Transformers 49.  It’s not so much the 63 Point victory which stands out, but the amount of Points that Wild Animals scored in the match.  A quick visit to the All-Time Records section of The Hall of Fame reveals that the club record for Highest Team Score in a Week has been held by Mystery Men since 2007 when they scored 110 combined Points.  Well, that record is no more.  Wild Animals have earned another spot in The Hall of Fame, this time by posting the new Highest Team Score in a Week ever with 112 Points.  The Hall of Fame will be updated later this week with this new record by Wild Animals, as well as The Cat’s Perfect Week.  Congrats to Wild Animals for doing so well, with The Cat (41), Double-Double (36) & The Rickster (35) showing that they know how to work together to accomplish something incredible.