“The Rickster Wins Divisional MVP!”

Divisional MVP Award Winner–
The Rickster (36.5 Points)

Last week, The Rickster stepped up with some huge picks to send a message to the rest of the club as he scored 36 Points.  The secret to The Rickster’s success, besides brewing a fresh batch of IPA that was ready before kickoff, was correctly picking all 4 Divisional Point Spread Games with Balt, SF, Sea & NE.  The Playoff Picks are considered an advanced pro competition for a reason– point spread games are notoriously difficult to pick, since you can’t rely on the favorite but have to really think about which team will deal with the spread better and come out on top.  The Rickster showed that he can successfully do that with ease with his brilliant picks last week.  The MVP week catapulted The Rickster into 1st Place, but he’s not alone.  Drummer Boy continued his steady and reliable good picking by posting 28 Points of his own, claiming his 2nd Week at #1.  Drummer Boy seems to be on a mission to win the Playoff Picks competition this season and nobody might be able to stop him.  Two players who could have what it takes are Captain Crunch and Parkour.  They are sitting in a tie for 3rd Place with 53 1/2 Points each, only a mere 3 1/2 Points out of 1st Place.  And a friendly rivalry seems to be brewing between these two solid players, who each want to have bragging rights within the family.  We will find out this week which player will have the edge going into the Super Bowl.

Here are the Statistical Challenge Question answers for last week.  Game 1– Yes (4.4), Flacco (116.2-88.3), Den (43%-41%), No (7 points).  Game 2– None (0 yards), GB (7-0), No (66.6%), Gore (119-53).  Game 3– Tate (6 for 103 to 6 for 51 tiebreaker is more receiving yards), No, Sea (28-26), Yes (2 INT).  Game 4– NE (5 for 264 yards to 5 for 182 yards tiebreaker is more yards), Brady (344-343 can it get any closer than that?), No (1 for 0 yards), Yes (1 TD).  Most– SF, Least– Sea & Hou.