“Hoosier Daddy is the 2022-3 Playoff Picks Champion!”

Playoff Picks Champion –
Hoosier Daddy (99.5 Points, 1 Week at #1)

In the most dramatic and thrilling finish to a Playoff Picks contest ever, Hoosier Daddy edged Rad Dad by a mere 1/2 Point to become the 2022-3 Playoff Picks Champion.  Going into the final week of the playoffs, it did not look like either club member had the possibility of winning.  However, the single most important pick to get right during the Playoff Picks is picking the winner of the Super Bowl.  The game itself is worth 15 Points.  Going into the Super Bowl, the Top Three in the standings were (1) The Rickster, (2) Bob Swerski, and (3) Drummer Boy.  Had either The Rickster or Bob Swerski picked the Super Bowl winner correctly, they would have clinched the Playoff Picks title.  However, all three missed that game, while everyone else behind them correctly picked Kansas City.  And that opened the door for the comeback for the ages which transpired.  Hoosier Daddy scored 41 Points to win the Super Bowl MVP Award.  And Rad Dad scored 39 Points to win the Super Bowl MVP Award Runner-Up.  That brought Hoosier Daddy to a Playoff Picks total of 99.5 Points and Rad Dad to 99 Points.  So which pick was decisive in handing the victory to Hoosier Daddy?  In looking down the picks sheet, there is one glaring pick which stands out.  And it is… picking the winner of the coin toss for 1 Bonus Point.  For the coin toss, Rad Dad picked Philadelphia and Hoosier Daddy picked Kansas City.  Just before kickoff, Kansas City called tails.  And because tails never fails, Kansas City got it right, won the toss, and chose to defer.  Thus, you could say that Hoosier Daddy won the Playoff Picks Championship thanks to the coin toss.  But in reality, he won primarily because he picked a Hall of Fame new record 36 Stat Questions correct.  Congratulations to both Hoosier Daddy & Rad Dad on doing so well during the Playoff Picks competition.  Also let’s give some credit to Slick Chick, who had an exceptional playoffs, finishing in 3rd Place only 3 Points away from winning.  Finally, a special shout-out to Young Tuna, who was the club member who came the closest to picking the final score of the Super Bowl correct.  Young Tuna’s prediction was Kansas City 34 and Philadelphia 31.  As an ending note, I was considering next season consolidating the Playoff Picks into just doing the Super Bowl only.  The Super Bowl picks sheet seems to be the most enjoyable, and the rest of the Playoff Picks drag a bit with all the Stat Questions each week.  Talk to you next season, everyone.