The Football Club 2023 Now Open

Welcome to The Football Club 2023: 22nd Year Champions Edition.  The club’s doors are now open and we are happy to welcome back our past champions, veteran players, and any new rookies who end up joining.  This season is being called the Champions Edition because in the Main Page Column, we will take a moment each week to reflect and talk about one of our past Club Champions.  Throughout 21 seasons of play, we have now had 16 different Club Champions.  So starting next week, I’m hoping to begin sharing a few sentences about each of our past winners.  (We will likely group the first three club champions into the first post, and then do one per week starting from there.)  This year, I did not end up sending out a Roll Call e-mail due to a busy schedule, so I can’t tell you how many players will be participating.  I guess we will find out at the end of Week 1.  But whether it is 10 players or it is 20+ players, I’m sure that all who participate will have a great time.  As a recap, last season our Top Five finishers were: #1 Club Champion Rad Dad (394 Points), #2 Runner-Up My Wife Loves Jimmy G (386 Points), #3 Roadrunner (385 Points), #4 Double-Double (383 Points), and #5 The Sad Salmon (379 Points).  And on a final (and most important) note, let’s all keep our dear club member Slick Chick in our prayers.  She has been dealing with a difficult health situation.  I’m not sure if she is able to read this, but I hope she knows that she has our full love and support during this challenging time.  At the Regional Convention which I attended, we got to enjoy hearing Slick Chick do an interview on stage sharing some of her past life experiences.  It really was a fantastic part that all who heard appreciated.  After, as myself and Young Tuna were talking with Slick Chick during the lunch break, two other sisters patiently waited about ten minutes before finally interrupting.  They just wanted to let Slick Chick know how much they appreciated her part and the fine example that she has set through the years.  And I think that pretty much says it all.  See you on the field everyone.